Best Pond Lights for Your Pond

Pond lights are a great way to maximise your water feature as a focal point and reinforce the natural day-to-night cycles that help fish get proper rest – but even colourful pond lights don’t tend to cause any issues, particularly if you switch them off at night.

The trick is to use professional lights designed for fish pond environments, such as our Submersible LED Set, which doesn't emit heat that can disrupt the water quality or cause overheating in the summer.

Do Pond Lights Disturb Fish?

Fish are adaptable, resilient creatures, and there is little prospect that some colourful pond lights or bacteria-resistant pond UV bulbs will interrupt their natural resting cycles.

However, you should ensure your lights aren’t overly bright and use just enough lights to illuminate the fish pond. Powerful lighting makes fish easy to see under the water's surface, exposing them to predators.

We recommend choosing aquatic Pond Lights that provide a gentle glow but don't act as an aggressive spotlight that can disturb your fish.

Do Koi Fish Like Pond Lights?

Koi are perfectly happy with colourful pond lights, although it is best to switch these off for at least part of the night since koi tend to feed at different times.

They need some dark periods to rest and relax, and you can go for automated pond lights that switch on and off after a certain time.

What Colour Light is Best for Koi?

Most fish keepers go for green or red submersible pond lights because the bright colours are easier for fish to see and offset their rich colours perfectly.

You can also opt for red pond lights if you have a Feng Shui pond, or choose a richer fish pond light of between 2,700 and 3,500 Kelvins to enhance the appearance of crisp, bold fins.