Top 10 Fish Tanks From AllPondSolutions

If you’re interested in buying some beautiful tropical fish, freshwater fins or setting up an aquascaping marine environment, the first place to start is in choosing the best aquariums for the species or plant life you want to keep.

AllPondSolutions has a vast array of aquariums and tanks, and we'll explain the right options for you based on size, ease of use and different plant or fish species.

Which Are the Best Aquariums for Beginners?

New fish keepers normally begin with a practical, simple nano tank such as the Small 7 Litre Nano Fish Tank – this nano aquarium is easy to look after and comes complete with LED lights, a hood filter and six colours to choose from.

Another of the best aquariums for beginners is the Nano Curve Acrylic Fish Tank, a modern, curved nano aquarium with a compact design, aesthetic shape and built-in lighting and filtration so you can get started straight away.

You can browse our full range of Small Tank and Nano Aquariums for more inspiration.

What Are Marine Fish Tanks?

Marine aquariums are designed for fish species that live in salt water and mimic the conditions of the sea – tropical marine fish come from warmer climates but still thrive in marine tanks, provided the water levels are stable.

It is important to research the types of fish or plants you buy because marine fish will not survive in a freshwater aquarium because their bodies need higher salt concentrations to remain healthy.

The 198L Cabinet Fish Tank is a great option, with a storage unit underneath the aquarium, and suited to both saltwater marine species and tropical and freshwater fish.

We have also collated all of our AllPondSolutions Marine Fish Tanks on one page to make selecting the right aquariums for your preferred fish or plants more straightforward.

How Do I Choose Fish Tanks for Kids?

Fish can make amazing pets for children and provide an opportunity to learn about aquatic species and the foods they eat, or create an exciting habit for crustaceans or shrimp.

If you have younger kids, the LED Light Fish Tank Cabinet may be advisable – because the tank is built into the storage unit, it can’t be accidentally tipped or shaken. We also have a fantastic broader selection of Kids Fish Tanks, from smaller nano aquariums to complete starter kits.

What Is the Benefit of an Ultra-Clear Glass Fish Tank?

Ultra-clear tanks are the best aquariums if you'd like a perfect view of your tropical or marine fish. The smooth, crystal-clear glass provides an unobstructed insight into the life and habits of your aquatic species.

Our Ultra Clear Glass Nano Tank in 16L comes with a corner filter and LED light as a complete kit, or the larger Ultra Clear 60cm model can accommodate up to 90 litres.

Which Tanks Are Designed as Tropical Fish Tank Aquariums?

Most aquariums are suitable for tropical fish, but the key is to ensure you have the correct heating equipment and filtration to maintain steady temperatures.

Please visit our Tropical Fish Tank Aquariums page for access to our complete range of tropical aquariums, including aquarium kits that comprise all of the accessories and equipment required.