How to Choose the Best Aquarium Heater

Tropical fish, in particular, need heaters for aquarium environments as they thrive in temperatures of about 25 °C.

AllPondSolutions regularly hears from customers unsure about whether they need heaters aquarium-designed, and if so, which model.

We've summarised here some of the considerations to choosing the best aquarium heater for your tank.

Choosing the Right Size Heaters for Aquariums

First, you'll need to look for aquariums heaters emitting around five watts of heat for every four litres of water in your tank.

However, it's also important to think about:

  • Aquarium location - those next to radiators or other heat sources may require less heating, whereas tanks in colder rooms will need a more efficient heater.
  • Lighting - LED lights are optimal since they don't emit additional heat. If you have fluorescent aquarium lights, this can also impact the required temperature.

If you're unsure, you can browse our Aquarium Heaters online, with the wattage displayed on each model.

What Type of Aquarium Heater Should I Choose?

Once you've chosen the correct size heaters for aquarium habitats depending on your tank capacity, you'll need to decide what sort of heater you would like. 

Submersible heaters are the most common, and you'll usually install the heater next to the Aquarium Filter or Fish Tank Pump to ensure maximum heat circulation.

Other options include vertical aquariums heaters - we'd advise checking the installation instructions, as some heaters need to be fitted horizontally.

How Do I Choose the Best Aquarium Heater?

A lot depends on which species of fish you have, the ambient temperature of your home, and whether you have tropical fish.

It's also wise to ensure any heaters aquarium designed are suitable for the appropriate type of water - whether freshwater or saltwater.

AllPondSolutions aquarium heaters come with temperature control dials, insulated, shock-resistant glass and heating light indicators, so you can be confident your fish tank is always heated correctly.