Asagi and Shusui Koi Varieties

What sets the Asagi and Shusui koi carp apart from the rest? The distinct appearance of the Asagi’s pattern and the Shusui’s line of scales will give your koi fish collection a whole new attractiveness that your pond was missing. These two varieties of koi carp are often referred to as ‘blue koi’. Asagi date back 200 years as one of the original types that came from the Magoi. Magoi is a black common carp that the many koi variations have been mutations of. Many years later, the Shusui koi was developed by breeding Asagi and Doitsugoi types.


Asagi koi have a blue/grey pattern on their back that resembles netting. Hi, or red colouring seen in many koi fish patterns, will grow upwards from the bottom of the fish as it becomes older. When choosing Asagi koi for your pond, the best ones will not have any hi past the fish’s lateral line.
 Asagi Koi Fish
The top of the head (forehead) on an Asagi should be clear of any markings and should be white or a pale blue. Colour on the head should be restricted to the cheek area and nose. Asagi koi bodies will have very defined and even scales. 5-6 rows of blue scaling along their back are ideal when choosing your koi fish. The scales will be dark blue with very light blue/white surrounding each triangular wedge shape. The greater the contrast, the higher the quality of Asagi you have. Red or orange pattern will then appear below the lateral line.


Shusui koi are the scaleless, or doitsu, version of Asagi. The differences lie in that Shusui do not have a net pattern and their only scales will be a single row along the dorsal line.
 Shusui Koi Fish
The head of Shusui should be a white or pale blue-ish colour, just like that of the Asagi. The head should be clear of any discolouration or spots. Large extending red cheeks are common.
When it comes to the body of the Shusui koi, there are no specifics to look for when it comes to pattern. The only thing would be that the line of scales along their back should be neat and uniform. 
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