10 Tips For Pond Care and Maintenance

Pond care and pond maintenance can be an incredibly rewarding experience, however, to make it a success it is worth reading up on the key things you need to invest in or know before you will achieve that dream pond. Here we have listed our top ten tips you should consider when you start off with a new pond, this is not an exhaustive list as ponds can be complex, but stick to these and you will come across less issues than you would if you were heading into it blind!

A Pond Keeping Plan

Whether you’ve got a pond and looking to revamp it, or you’re planning on installing a pond in your garden or outdoor area, you always need a plan. A pond is a complicated thing, so you need to make sure you know what you’re doing before you do it. As the old adage goes, failure to plan is planning to fail!

Moving Water

Whether you go for a fountain or just a pump, you need to get the water moving. Aerating the water is really important when it comes to the life of your fish and plants. If you opt for a fountain or waterfall, it will look delightful and help your garden feel lovely and cool in the summer too.


Pond with a fountain


When it comes to the position of your pond in your garden, there are a number of factors to consider. Your pond needs a certain amount of daylight per day, so make sure it isn’t in the shadow of the house or under trees. Trees should also be avoided because roots can damage lining materials, and falling debris can become a nuisance. It needs to be easy to access, as well as easily viewed and enjoyed.


The inhabitants of your pond create waste. And without a way to get rid of it, it will build up and cause all sorts of problems. A filter will remove waste, and keep your pond healthy. There are a number of filters on the market, such as auto cleansing, pressurized filters and box filters. It is important that you purchase a filter that can cope with the capacity of your pond and the number of fish you plan to keep or else you will experience multiple issues such as high nitrate or green water. 


Plants have many benefits, ranging from attracting wildlife and offering baby fish a place to hide to producing oxygen and improving the water quality.

Avoid New Pond Syndrome

New pond syndrome occurs when you fill your new pond with fish too soon. This can lead to sick fish, so it’s important to do it properly. This is to do with your filter, which uses bacteria cultivated after being in the pond for a certain period of time. So, you must gradually stock the pond to help the filter develop the bacteria.


Pond with a bridge

Introducing Fish

There is also a proper way to introduce your fish to the pond water. While still in the bag, place your fish in the pond for about ten minutes, so that the temperature equalises out. Open the bag and roll the sides down, and over half an hour, top the bag up with pond water. Then, use a net to transfer the fish. Don’t pour the water from the bag into the pond as this could upset the balance of the pond. 


If you have children or like going out in the garden at night, then you need to make sure your pond is safe. Consider a steel cover to protect people from falling in, or chicken wire to protect your fish from being eaten. You should also make sure you have lights, whether electrical or solar, to make sure you don’t fall in at night! Click here for more safety tips.

Child feeding fish

UV Steriliser

An ultraviolet clarifier is a nifty piece of kit that will make your pond water cleaner. It prevents the formation of green water, so you’ll be able to see your fish! Many filters come with this installed but you can also purchase it as a standalone unit. You can have numerous UV sterilisers in your pond depending on the size, this will contribute too clearer water. 


Your pond won’t become a complete eco-system overnight. It will take time and patience before your pond attracts other wildlife. This also goes for treatments and fixes to pond issues, there is rarely a quick fix for complications such as algae and blanketweed, especially during the summer, so you must stay patient and let your pond do its business.