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    Spare Parts from AllPondSolutions

    Looking for spare filter foams, bulbs, impellors or pipework? Look no further!

    Whether repairing broken equipment or simply refreshing foams, AllPondSolutions have a range of commonly replaced spare parts available for our entire range of fish tanks, internal and external filters, aquarium pumps and wavemakers.

    Please contact us if the part you require is not listed within the range below: 

    127 products
    CUV-1 O-Ring Set - AllPondSolutions
    CUV-1 O-Ring Set - AllPondSolutions
    CUV-1 O-Ring Set
    PFC-25000 Ballast - AllPondSolutions
    PFC-25000 Ballast
    EF-150 Outlet Pack - AllPondSolutions
    EF-150 Outlet Pack
    EF-150 Hosing x 1 - AllPondSolutions
    EF-150 Hosing x 1
    Part 16 For EF Range - AllPondSolutions
    Part 16 For EF Range
    Hosetail O-Ring x2 - AllPondSolutions
    Hosetail O-Ring x2
    Replacement Head EF1 - AllPondSolutions
    Replacement Head EF1
    Replacement Head EFX - AllPondSolutions
    Replacement Head EFX
    SSUV 110 Ballast - AllPondSolutions
    SSUV 110 Ballast
    Replacement Head EF2 - AllPondSolutions
    Replacement Head EF2
    PG-3 Transformer - AllPondSolutions
    PG-3 Transformer

    Why Buy Pond & Aquarium Spare Parts From Us?

    At AllPondSolutions, we are pleased to offer you a range of high quality fish tank and pond parts at highly competitive prices, delivered straight to your door.

    If you aren't able to find the replacement aquarium or pond part that you need, please get in touch with our sales team on 01895 813 000 and we’ll do our best to try and source the part you need.