Pre-Spring Pond Advice

February has just begun. This means we are still in the dreary winter months, daydreaming of a temperature rise and the time that we can get our koi ponds up and running again. Let us remind you, it is never too early to start thinking of pond preparations to come in the next couple of months – gives you something to look forward to right?! We are here to help you put together a pre-springtime checklist to ensure you are fully equipped and ready for when the vernal season arrives.

Now is the ideal time to design and organise any future pond renovations. If you have ever wanted to give your garden pond a brand new look or a new feature, now is the perfect time to develop a game-plan. The biggest renovation to your pond would be to change the shape or make it larger. In this case, you will have to be prepared to get new pond underlay and liner. Take some time to write down the measurements of the new pond you desire and look into buying a PVC or LDPE liner.  

Plan to make your pond more stylish with some new pond lights, adding a waterfall or trying a new fountain. An all in one unit like the CUP 305 gives you a selection of different fountain head adaptors so you can regularly change the look of your pond.

Improving your pond by changing your pond pump can be a less drastic change that you can easily make that will not cost you an arm and a leg. More eco-friendly pond pumps like one from the AquaECO series uses a lower wattage but is not short on power.    

Take note of all your current pond supplies. Maybe it is time to replace your pond net, or upgrade your pond thermometer. We advise you to check the shelf life on your pond sludge cleaner, dechlorinator, and any other chemical products that you will want to add when you bring your koi pond back to life. We also highly advise you to keep a small stock of spare replacement parts for your pond equipment like hose clips, o-rings, basket media, impellers and quartz sleeves. 

Now is the time to closely inspect your pond filtration system. Winter damage can often happen and you want to make note of this as soon as possible. Cracks in UV bulbs and kinks in the plumbing line are common problems that can easily be fixed early on. Turn on all your equipment and perform tests to make sure they are all working properly.

Start buying new supplies that will promote a healthy pond. The transition from winter to spring can leave your pond in a delicate state so it will be important to keep a close eye on the water conditions. Invest in pH adjusters, a bacteria filter starter, algae/blanket weed remover, pond plant food, dechlorinator and a pond sludge cleaner.