Pond Must Haves This Autumn

Autumn is in full swing, meaning it’s the perfect time to get started on some essential pond maintenance before we come to the freezing months on winter. However before you get started on your deep clean, you must first get the right equipment. Below we’ve listed the products we think will make your life easier this season.

Pond Covers & Nets

As we all know fallen leaves and autumn go hand in hand, meaning a lot of those pesky leaves will end up in your pond, which may cause sludge to build up in your pond. To stop leaves from getting into your pond you should invest in a pond cover. The pond covers and pond nets will keep the debris away from the surface and reduce waste production within the pond.

Pond Vacuum

A pond water vacuum is great for cleaning the bottom of your pond. More powerful than a net or manual scrubbing, a vacuum will make the process quicker and easier.  Our pond vacuums and dirt collectors get rid of sludge, leaves and other sunken debris, which will therefore increase your filter performance and keep your water sparkling clean.

Pond Sludge Remover

Pond sludge occurs when there is a build-up of organic and inorganic materials such as fallen leaves, algae, fish waste and uneaten fish food. With the increase in falling leaves this season, it’s inevitable that you will experience pond sludge. Treat your pond with a Pond Sludge Remover to help with this issue. You can continue to dose your pond with Anti-sludge through autumn to prevent sludge from building up again.

Check out our other Pond Treatments, but make sure you always check your pond temperature before using as some treatments may become ineffective if the water temperature drops too low.

Pond Fish Food

Autumn is the best time to think about changing up your pond fish food. As the months slowly get colder, start switching your fish to a wheatgerm diet. Wheatgerm pellets are low in protein which Koi will not be able to digest in cold water. Wheat germ based food will get their metabolism used to the slowing down that will occur in winter. Eventually as the season gets colder and closer to winter, start to feed your fish less frequently.


Spare Parts

Autumn is a great time to do some maintenance on your pond filters and pond pumps. Replacing and checking on parts such as filter foams, impellers and UV bulbs is a good idea as they will have been put through their paces during the summer months.

Having spares for your pond equipment at hand during the colder months will make repairs that much easier. Impellers, shafts, UV light bulbs, o-rings and connectors are just a few of the many common spare parts that are needed for pond equipment repairs.

Pond Water Testing

The secret to happy and healthy fish all year round is regular water testing. When tested regularly any problems can be addressed quickly and at the source without causing your fish too much stress. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you don’t have to check on your water levels. Check out our range of Water Testing kits and pick the right one for you.

Light Up Your Pond

When you’ve done all the hard work, don’t forget to enjoy your pond! Adding a touch of colour and brightness during the colder months can be achieved through accessories such as pond lights. Pond lights are a great idea this time of year, as the nights get darker much earlier, you can enjoy your lights for longer.

If you’re looking for tips on how to clean and maintain your pond this autumn, then head over to our other article, Essential Pond Maintenance For Autumn.