How to Install a Pond Pump

Pond pumps are an absolute essential for pond owners who want to create a healthy environment for their fish. If you want to create a stunning pond in your backyard, installing a pump is one of the first steps. With this in mind, here is a step by step guide to installing one.

Positioning Your Pump

The correct positioning of your pump will depend on whether you want to create a pond fountain or simply wish to keep air circulating in the pond. If you don’t want to create a waterfall, place a submersible pump at the bottom of your pond about two inches from the base. You can use a brick to secure the location of your pump with ease. This way your pump will not become blocked with debris on the floor of your pond.  A submersible pump is well suited to small to medium ponds but the best pump for you will depend on how many gallons of water are in your pond. If you are unsure, always ask an expert for advice.


In order for your pump to work, you will need an electricity source. A GFCI outlet is ideal as this system is designed to shut off immediately when it comes into contact with water.


Before you begin any electrical work, remember to turn your power off as a safety precaution. Once you have positioned your pump you will then need to attach a piece of flexible tubing and connect this to a waterfall or fountain. Be careful not to cut a rope length that is too long, it simply needs to reach between the mechanisms without stretching. Use a clamp to secure the hose to the pump but not so tight that they are impossible to remove.