Waterfall & Fountain Pumps

Efficient Waterfall and Fountain Pumps from All Pond Solutions

Our range of cost effective pond pumps will help create the perfect waterfall or fountain feature for your garden display.
Whether stocking koi or goldfish, or simply for ornamental use, a fountain or waterfall will help circulate your water and produce a wonderful effect to entertain and amuse.

Featured brands include Heissner and Jebao. Browse our impressive range of water pumps online.

FPP-600 L/H Fountain Pump
Price: £19.99
FPP-900 L/H Fountain Pump
Price: £22.99
FPP-1500 L/H Fountain Pump
Price: £24.98
FPP-2000 L/H Fountain Pond Pump
Price: £29.99
FPP-3000 L/H Fountain Pond Pump
Price: £34.99
3000PP L/H Pond Pump
Price: £34.99
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2300L/H ECO Fountain Pond Pump
Price: £34.99
3500L/H Fountain Pond Pump
Price: £34.99
4500PP L/H Pond Pump
Price: £44.99
4500L/H Fountain Pond Pump
Price: £44.99