How to Use Gravel in Your Pond Filtration

Gravel for fish ponds is often used to make water features look more natural, offsetting filters for ponds and other equipment with rocks and gravel substrates.

However, gravel stones are also excellent pond filters, working hand in hand with pond filters and pumps to keep your fish healthy, preserve beneficial bacteria, and eliminate harmful toxins.

Today the AllPondSolutions team explains why you should be using gravel and pond filters simultaneously - and the benefits you'll see!

Using Mechanical Pond Filters and Natural Gravel Filtration

The key to a happy pond ecosystem is to invest in a good quality pond pump and filter - this system removes large debris. The pond filters are important since they stop the pump from getting clogged.

Using gravel, or Pebbles and Coloured Stones for ponds supports this system, breaking down sediments and waste, using countless microbes, or friendly bacteria.

The result is similar to using Biological Pond Filters - and means that all the helpful microbes your water needs are produced organically.

How to Use Natural Pond Filters

Like any filters for ponds, gravel needs to be cleaned, primarily in the spring when you must remove old bacteria from the winter.

A periodic clean should be part of your pond maintenance repertoire, so this doesn't add an extra task - have a look at our range of pond vacuums for a simple way to keep your pond water fresh.

The Benefits of Using Gravel Alongside Pond Filters

Pond filters and pumps work hard, and adding natural gravel filtration reinforces their work as an inexpensive and low-maintenance way of enhancing your water quality.

The ideal combination of a high-performance pond pump and filter, gravel and biological filtration ensures you can avoid unnecessary water treatments and keep all your outdoor species feeling happy.

Take a look at our extensive range of Pond Filters for more information.