Best Christmas Gifts For Aquarium Lovers

Need some ideas for Christmas present this year? Let us help make your holiday shopping easier with our aquarium lover’s gift guide. We’ve put together a list of some amazing and affordable aquarium products to buy online just in time for Christmas.

Nano Fish Tanks

Give the gift of fishkeeping this year! Nano tanks such as the Small 29 Litre Nano Fish Tank are great for both adults and children who are looking to keep shrimp or small fish. All the tanks in our FW range come with built-in filters, lights and pumps making for an easy set up that’s ideal for beginner fish keepers.

If you’re looking for something more unique and stylish, why not try one of our Nano Curve Fish Tanks. They’re available in 4 different colours and similar to the FW range, come with built-in light, pump, and filtration system making them a brilliant all in one gift.

LED Lights

LED Lights are a great Christmas present for all the aquarium lovers out there. There are lots of aquarium lights on the market that will brighten tanks for the holidays, here’s our top picks!

For smaller nano aquariums we suggest the Small Aquarium LED Light. The light clips onto the side of your tank, and with its low power consumption and size, it’s the perfect light for smaller tropical or planted fish tanks.

If you’re buying for a larger tank then we suggest the Zetlight Lancia LED Lighting System. The zetlights come in a variety of sizes to fit most fish tanks and can be used in both Marine and Tropical aquariums. The system has low power consumption, is more eco-friendly, safer and gives the LED greater durability.

The Zetlight Lancia 2 range in particular, comes with built-in wifi meaning they can be controlled using the Horizon App on your phone, making it a great present for the tech-savvy aquarists.

Aquascaping Supplies

Get your fish keeping friends deeper into the hobby with some cool aquascaping essentials. If they’re new to aquascaping then why not treat them to their first tank with our 16L Ultra Clear Glass Nano Fish Tank Starter Set. The handy set comes with a 16L ultra-clear glass tank, an internal aquarium filter and an LED light; everything they need to get started!

If they’re more advance in aquascaping then why not get them some handy aquascaping tools to take care of their planted tank. These Aquatic Plant Aquarium Tweezers are light, convenient and simple tools for re-arranging water plants inside an aquarium fish tank. Or you can try Aquatic Plant Aquarium Scissors; they’re light and a simple tool for re-shaping and trimming aquatic plants inside an aquarium.

Aquarium Cleaning Tools

Help your aquarium lover keep on top of their tank maintenance with some handy cleaning tools. Cleaning tools not only help make the tank look more visually appealing but they also help towards the overall health of the aquatic life inside.

Our Magnetic Aquarium Floating Cleaner is a great gift for fish keepers. Designed to clamp to the glass, this useful magnet cleaner with floating design lets you clean the inside of your fish tank, without getting your hands wet!

The 3 Way Interchangeable Aquarium Cleaning Tool is another great choice as it is everything you could need in one tool. The long handle and optional brush or scrapper heads allow you to clean the hardest to reach places, while the net allows you to get rid of floating debris easily.

Both aquarium cleaning tools come with handy replacement heads!

Aquarium Ornaments

If you’re looking for small gifts that make a big impact then Aquarium Ornaments are the one for you. Transform any aquarium with a variety of decorations to pick from, including classic bridge ornaments and artificial coral to natural pieces of wood and pipes for fish to swim through. Check out of top picks below!

Broken Tree Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament   Ancient Moss Covered Roman Pillar Fish Tank Decoration  Grass Covered Pipe Fish Tank Aquarium Ornament

Automatic Fish Feeder

The holidays can sometimes be a busy time for people, make it easier by gifting an Automatic Aquarium Feeder. This is the perfect gift for when you’re away on holiday and don’t have anyone to check on or feed your fish.

Fish Treats

If you’re looking for a gift specifically for your fish, you can always buy them some tasty treats. Fish food includes treats for coldwater, tropical and marine fish. Fish Treats are a fun and healthy treat that will stick to the glass of your aquarium and attract the fish to feed.

Gift Cards

Still not sure what to get your fish keeping friend this year? No worries! Why not treat them to one of our handy gift cards. Available in multiples of £5, £10, £20 & £50, it’s the perfect gift for all aquarium lovers!

For more great gift ideas for your fish keeping friends; shop our full range of aquarium and pond products!