Christmas Gift Ideas for Fish Tank Lovers

A festive article about Christmas present ideas for aquarium enthusiasts, kids and new starters.

The LED force is strong in this fish tank

Creating a focal light source with an aquarium can be achieved with this fully submersible aquarium LED light that can also be used outside of the water. This light has been very popular with our customers this Christmas due to the 4 colour options and ability to use the multi-changing mode to create a mood light that continuously changes. Here’s what one of this customers wrote: “Currently using mine for moon light. Bit of a fish-disco if left on the rapid colour change, I keep mine set on either blue or violet”.

It's fun around Christmas but this LED aquarium light will allow the fish tank to become an all year round lighting feature for your room too.

Do your fish know it’s Christmas?

Is that a Christmas tree in your fish tank? This green stoney polyp hard coral ornament could easily be the nearest thing to an aquatic Christmas tree. Standing at 31 centimetres, it adds a seasonal touch to any aquarium, though it’s a replica for the marine world, it could cheer up a grumpiest Siamese fighting fish.

Starter fish tank and LED light

A great gift for newcomers to the world of fish keeping is the Aquatlantis Funny Fish Tank. Ideal for keeping small goldfish, the feed flap and removable hood allows easy access and the high quality manufactured float-glass creates the ideal mini feature for a room. We also recommend the Aquatlantis LED lighting system that is both safe and economical that can be attached inside the aquarium’s hood.                                                   

Make Waves in the tank on Christmas Day

Wavemakers are circulation pumps that ensure the coral habit of the marine aquarium is kept alive. By adding a wave surge enhances the water circulation, removes the waste from corals that is then filtered out. Poor water circulation can cause the coral to suffocate or close up. This wave-maker that has the ability to be synced wirelessly to help maintain the ideal marine habit for your mini reef environment. You can now have two surges, with different speeds and the brilliant day-night sensor detects when the light is off and produces a calmer night time wave. The new product on the market is the Reef Surge Wavemaker 4000 with low energy consumption.