Aquarium Plants Care

If you'd love to create an elegant aquascape with beautiful plants for the aquarium, the key is to ensure you know how to care for them.

Aquarium plants are an excellent way to improve the aquarium environment for fish, enhance aeration, and provide safe rest spaces.

Here the AllPondSolutions team runs through our top tips for keeping aquascaping plants for an aquarium in great shape.

Aquarium Lighting for Plants in Aquascaping

Plants need light just as much as fish, so a great set of Aquarium LED Lights is a must-have.

The right lights for plants in aquarium habitats depend a little on the species, but most thrive on full-spectrum lights - LED bulbs are best for aquarium plants as they don't emit heat.

Choosing a Substrate for Aquarium Planting

Next, you'll need a substrate to help roots spread and anchor your aquarium plants.

Medium-grade stones or gravel are ideal, and you can mix textures and colours to improve the visual impact.

What Nutrients Do I Need for Aquascaping Plants For an Aquarium?

Aquarium plants need nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus to grow, alongside other minerals - and many are a natural fish by-product; hence it being an optimal environment for both species.

You can also consider an aquarium plant food to deliver liquid nutrition.

Water Quality Considerations for Aquarium Planting

Finally, keeping an eye on water quality and pH levels is important for aquascape plants.

Carbon is vital for strong growth, and while most plants don't need extra CO2 to remain healthy, it can improve their size, vibrancy and colour.

Liquid supplements work well, and you'll usually need additional nutrition to keep pace with the faster germination rates of your aquarium planting as a result! 

It's also wise to consider using a water test kit to identify if you need to make any adjustments.