Boyu Hang on Protein Skimmer DG-2516

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Boyu Hang on Protein Skimmer DG-2516

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These high performance hang on protein skimmers are designed for use by hanging on the rim of your fish tank.

Protein skimmers have a fairly simple design but achieve a very important task in your aquarium. Each protein skimmer comes complete with a submersible needle pump, which utilize needle-wheel technology for the finest bubbles. The surface tension from these bubbles attracts organic waste and carries it through the column; then it's "skimmed" into a collection cup for removal.

All of our protein skimmers come with a needle wheel venturi pump included. This type of pump introduces air via the venturi air pipe and as the water is drawn through the needle wheel impeller it chops the incoming bubbles into a fine mist. Leading to a greater performance skimmer.

Please ensure skimmer outlet pipes are fully submerged for unit to run correctly. Water level must be no lower than the maximum depth from rim listed below. Suitable for sump use (as a hang-on).

Please Note: If using in main tank please attach small mesh cover over inlet of pump section to ensure fish are not harmed.


Hang on protein skimmer
Built in clamp for easy attachment to your tank
Exit pipe sponge filtration
1400 L/H needle wheel venturi pump
Adjustable flow rate
Overflow pipe to avoid spillage
Detachable collection cup for easy cleaning
Low noise, high output

Name Red Lined Rasbora