10x 15-20cm Diamond Sturgeon - Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

10x 15-20cm Diamond Sturgeon - Acipenser gueldenstaedtii - AllPondSolutions

10x 15-20cm Diamond Sturgeon - Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

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Scientific Name: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
Type: Diamond Sturgeon
Size: 15-20cm

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How easy are they to care for?
We would class these as a moderate level of care. If you wish to keep Sturgeon into maturity, they require larger ponds – a minimum of 10,000 litres. This species will not tolerate water with low oxygen so extra aeration may be necessary in your current pond. They will need a minimum of 6mg/ltr.

How large can they grow?
In the wild, Sturgeon can grow to be around 2.5 metres. Pond kept Sturgeon will typically reach 1.25 metres (approx. 4 feet long).

Where in the world are they from?
Wild Sturgeon have been found in the Black sea, the sea of Azov, Caspian seas and all major rivers leading to these seas.

What is the ideal number to keep together?
Can be kept on their own or with a group if you have enough space in your pond.

What water conditions do they require?
Ideally alkaline water conditions are provided between 6.5pH - 8.0pH. Temperatures should range between 4-20°C.

What should you feed them?
Sturgeon will require a high quality fish-meal or shrimp-meal based sinking pellet.

How compatible are they with other fish?
Largely compatible with other pond fish.

Can they be bred in captivity?
Breeding sturgeon in captivity is very hard as it is difficult to reproduce the natural spawning environment.

For more information about keeping Diamond Sturgeon, please see our care guide.