Where Can I Buy Pond Plant Baskets?

Planting your pond is one of the most enjoyable elements of pond ownership, and as a result, it’s relatively easy to get carried away. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes: over planting, planting at the wrong level, and crucially, misuse of pond plant baskets. In this article, we explain that the secret to really great pond planting is actually the baskets that you use, and where you plant them. If you’re just preparing to get started on building your pond, here are some things to take into consideration when it gets to the moment of planting.

Observe the General Rules

There’s no magical formula to ensure that the plants you use deliver amazing flowers and foliage when it’s their season to shine. Instead, there’s really just a few simple guidelines to follow, and if you do, you’re likely to have successful plants.

First, you’ll want to make sure you use specific aquatic compost which has a slow releasing fertilizer, as regular composting may contain fertiliser that has adverse effects on your fish. Second, once the plants that you’ve decided on are in their baskets, you should ensure they are packed in with gravel. The gravel is important because it prevents composting from leaking into the pond. Further to this point, you should also consider an additional hessian liner which will further reduce soil leakage. By the time the hessian liner has rotted away, the roots of the plants in the baskets will have filled out enough to keep the soil compacted.

Essential Basket Positioning

Baskets are essential for planting any sort of vegetation in your pond. Although you might think that ‘plants are plants’, the truth is more complex. Some aquatic plants need to be placed at specific depths of water to ensure they thrive. Some don’t even require planting in anything at all. There are six planting zones, with zone 1 being the shallowest, and zone 6 being the deepest, and plants should therefore be distributed as follows:

Zone 1: marsh plants

Zone 2: marginal plants

Zone 3: marginal plants

Zone 4: lilies and deep water plans

Zone 5: oxygenating plants

Zone 6: floating plants

The Importance of Baskets

Aquatic plants, then, are more fickle than you might at first think, and the right basket to house them in could be the difference between a thriving and a perishing plant. So when it comes to choosing the right basket for your aquatic vegetation ensure you get precisely the right one. The wrong one could be a costly error.