Where Can I Buy Pond Hose?

Pond hosing is used for a number of reasons, though the main two are to pump your water around the pond – either purely for circulation, or to create a waterfall – and the second reason is to force water through your filter. So, in essence, whether you’re looking to build your first pond or simply add a new fountain or waterfall to your existing one, you will need pond hosing. With that in mind, we’ve created this short guide to help explain the details of pond hosing, including what it is, how it works, what it’s useful for, and how you can get hold of some.

Practical Pond Hosing

As explained, pond hosing has a wide range of functions, from circulating the water around the various parts of your pond (waterfalls, fountains and streams etc.), to helping to pass water through your filter.

Taking the first point up, water circulation is essential for the well-being of your pond, and promotes a healthy, natural ecosystem for your aquatic life to live in. Water needs to be kept moving or it becomes stagnant, devoid of oxygen and ultimately uninhabitable. Although all natural ponds tend to go through lifecycles of oxygenation and de-oxygenation, non-natural ponds in gardens are intended to harbour life, and therefore the water should be kept moving at all times. Filtration can be incorporated into this process, so that hosing carries water from the body of your pond through the filter system back out into the wider pond.

Installing Your Submersible Pond Filter with Pond Hosing

As we know, pond filtering is one of the main applications of pond hosing, so we should explain how it works.  In the past, many people used what are called sump pumps for filtering, but unfortunately, these are extremely energy inefficient and contain oil, which could potentially leak into the pond. Now, however, proper filters are available.

When you have your pond filter and pond hose, lubricate the end of the hose and ensure it fits well over the nob of the filter. Remember that the size of the hose and the filter nob have to match, so if the filter nob is 1.5”, ensure that so is the filter, otherwise you’ll end up with leaks and water damage.

The Perfect Pond Hosing

You can stop worrying about having to go around all of the local pond equipment suppliers to find your hosing because we have an ample supply online. 

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