When is the Best Time to Clean a Pond?

Pond maintenance is key to a healthy pond, making sure that your pond is a haven for wildlife and your aquatic plants. Algae, dirt, falling leaves and other things can affect the cleanliness and appearance of your pond. So when should you be doing this all important maintenance?

Cleaning Fixtures – All Year Round

You should already know that your pond needs some equipment to help it stay clean for your fish. This includes filters to biologically and mechanically filter out chemicals and other unwanted materials. Things like fountains and waterfalls help aerate the water, so it is less likely to be appealing for algae.

Regular Maintenance – Every Month

On top of these permanent cleaning devices, you will have to do some maintenance on a regular basis.

The first task is to clean out your filter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that you rinse with pond water, as tap water will kill off the good bacteria that keeps your pond clean.

The second is to get rid of any falling leaves as soon as possible. If falling leaves are left to decay in your pond, they can severely damage your water quality by making too acidic. Try to remove any leaves from your pond as soon as possible. You can put netting over the top of your pond to prevent the majority of the leaves falling in, but you will still need to scoop them off. 

Finally, you need to check for algae on a regular basis too. It can be treated with algaecides, but you need to make sure it won’t damage your other aquatic plants.

Autumn Cleaning – September/October

Despite this regular maintenance, you will still need to thoroughly clean your pond annually. Autumn is the best time to do this, because the life in your pond will not be as active.

It’s good to scoop out as much of the leaves and sludge as you can before winter to prevent decaying vegetation.