Whats New To AllPondSolutions

This month, we have added some exciting new pond and aquarium products and accessories, expanding our top-rated and best-selling product ranges to include even more variety. With the success of our EF aquarium external filters we have added a great new compact unit for freshwater fish tanks. Following the success of our CUP All-in-One pond filter collection, we have also extended the range to include another high performance, low cost unit! And that’s not all – just in time for Christmas, we have launched a collection of children’s fish tank ornaments, helping to make their first adventures into fishkeeping an exciting experience. 

EF 150 Aquarium External Filter

This efficient new All Pond Solutions 400L/h EF-150 external aquarium filter system utilises a multi-stage approach to water filtration and is suitable for aquariums up to 150L. Filtering aquarium tank water through three coarse filter foams of different grades, a filter floss pad and bio balls provides thorough biological and mechanical filtration.

Our EF external filters are designed to be positioned outside of your tank. The EF-150 brings water into the filter through an inlet tube and returns crystal clear water via an outlet tube. Both inlet and outlet tubes are supplied with the unit. The outlet tube is fitted with a spray-bar to help increase aeration and oxygen levels in your fish tank.

Maintaining this filter unit is a very simple procedure. The drip-free shut-off tap allows you to remove the filter and transport it for cleaning.


- The design is of this external filter makes it suitable for fresh and salt water aquarium tanks.
- Perfect for tanks up to 150 Litres
- Built in pump aids priming of filter
- Drip-free shut-off tap for easy cleaning
- Layered coarse filter foams
- Filter floss pad
- Comes with approximately 25 bio balls, which provide a large surface area for nitro-bacteria development. They will help produce and maintain a high water-oxygen level and will also keep the PH balance neutral for a long time.

CUP 305 All in One Pond Filter System

If you have a small/medium pond with a small amount of fish, an All-In-One pond system is what you need to guarantee a healthy, algae-free environment. Rather than investing in separate filters, pumps and UV sterilisers, it is far more efficient to get all of them in one unit.

Included with the CUP 305:
- Spare impeller / shaft replacement
- Water fountain set with 3 different heads.
- Angle-adjustment feature on water fountain.
- Coarse filter foam, ceramic stones and K1 media.
- Adjustable flow-rate T-connector.
- UV On/Off light indicator on top of casing.
- Case guards stop debris larger than 7mm entering the unit.

Children's Fish Tank Ornaments

Choosing the decor of an aquarium fish tank is almost as much fun as picking out which fish you will add to it. Fishkeeping can be a regimented hobby, so this is your chance to let your creativity shine! Whether you have a brand new aquarium or are just ready to spruce up your old fish tank, ornaments are the perfect way to refresh the look of your tank and give your fish a new environment to explore. We now have a brand new selection of aquarium ornaments that offer everything from artificial grass to playful dolphins. If you are ready to introduce your little one to their first fish tank, our new range is perfect.

Our new dolphin & shark magnet fish tank ornaments will add some fun to your aquarium glass. Easily move them around your tank as you please – We like making them appear to be swimming on the water surface. If you have a little princess with a fish tank, she will need to decorate her aquarium accordingly! Our new sets of ornaments are exactly what she will need to add a bit of magic and sparkle to her tank and have her fish feeling like royalty. Transform your aquarium into a whimsical marine paradise with a curious mermaid or a stunning clown fish swimming through the ocean coral. These graceful ornaments will embody the beauty of the ocean for your fish.  Life’s a beach with our colourful fish tank dolphin ornaments. They are sure to give your aquarium a fun and tropical feel.