How Do I Make My Pond Water Feature Look More Natural?

Water features bring an incredible sense of calm to your garden and are a vital component in a healthy ecosystem, inviting wildlife and diverse species to an outdoor space.

Today the AllPondSolutions team shares some advice about making a water feature for garden areas more natural, blending with your plants, foliage and landscaping to create an oasis of tranquillity, accented by the gentle trickling of your quiet pond pumps.

Water Features With Natural Materials

One of the simplest ways to make water features more natural is to incorporate elements of nature.

Think logs, moss and tree stumps to make even a brand new water feature look like it has been in place for many years.

You can also select stone Garden Water Features, incorporating colours you'll find in Mother Nature's palette.

Stone, rock and wood effect water features look elegant and effortlessly add to the quality of a wild meadow or natural garden space. 

Incorporating a Water Feature For Garden Spaces in Landscaping

The next option is to use a water feature for garden areas that lends itself well to being part of your landscaping.

There are many smart ways to conceal a pond pump and filter, using rockeries, ferns and hedges as frames for your pond water feature and making it a key part of the aesthetic.

We'd suggest looking at wooden ponds if you'd like to stick with a neutral outdoor colour scheme or investing in an array of pond plants to soften the edges of your water features.

Installing Discreet Pond Pump and Filter Accessories

Finally, every functional water feature for garden species needs pond pumps to keep the water clean, algae free, and safe for fish.

Our ranges of Pond Pumps offer a considerable amount of choice, with low-wattage Eco Pond Pumps ideal for an environmentally friendly garden.

A low-noise pond pump and filter will ensure your garden feels as natural as ever while remaining a safe home for your fish and plants.