Using the Horizon App with Your Zetlights

Using the Horizon Aqua App with Your Zetlight Products

We aquarium fish keepers are always looking for new ways to make our fishkeeping experience a little bit easier. Whether this is automatic feeding or automatic water top-up, it is great that there are so many technical developments in fishkeeping equipment. The latest advancement that we are excited about is Zetlight’s Wi-Fi controller and app that allows you to operate your aquarium lights and equipment from your mobile phone.

Zetlight A200 Wifi Controller is the most up-to-date device that allows you to control most of your Zetlight Equipment (LEDs, Pumps, Skimmers, Wave Makers) through the Horizon app available for Apple and Android devices. This is the upgraded model of the popular A100 switch and allows for much greater functionality and integration. All of your Zetlight compatible equipment is easily controlled from one system. Unlike the older home router technology, aquarium hobbyists now have WiFi control of more interesting and powerful functions accessed conveniently by an app.

We’re taking you through the steps to connect your A200 WiFi controller to your Zetlight equipment.

On your Apple or Android phone, download the Horizon App by searching Horizon by Zetlight. 

Once downloaded, you are ready to begin connecting your A200 Wi-Fi controller and Zetlight lights.

When you open up the app, you will be able to see all of the features available. This includes: LED lights, wavemakers, protein skimmers, dosing pumps, video surveillance control, aquarium calculator, fishkeeping encyclopaedia and more. Once connected to your equipment, you will also be able to see quick stats like aquarium water temperature and pH at the bottom of the screen.

How to connect:

If you wish to connect your Zetlight units and mobile phone directly to the A200, without using a home WIFI router (AP mode), simply turn the A200 Wi-Fi switch control on; go to the wireless settings on your mobile device. You will see an option to connect to ‘Z-BOX2_XXXXXX’.

  • Select  ‘Z-BOX2_XXXXXX’ and type in the password, which is 00000000.

Return to your home screen and find the Horizon app.

Open the Horizon app and select the  in the top left hand corner.

Find the ‘Time’ setting and select that option. Once your local time is set on the app, tap ‘OK’ to save and exit.

Back in the main settings, you will find a ‘Reset’ option which will be in between ‘Time’ and ‘WiFi’. Click the ‘Reset’ button followed by OK – this will reset the app to factory settings.

Select the ‘Matching’ button in the settings menu. Enter a number between 1 and 99 and click ‘OK’ to progress to the next steps. When matching Zetlight LED lights, start off by plugging in the lights to a power source; you will notice the light flash 8 times when connected successfully. If you wish to sync multiple lights, connect them to the power source one by one. Once all of your lights have been matched, tap the ‘Exit’ option.

You also have the option to connect using STA mode through your home wireless router. By connecting your A200 to your home network, any mobile device with the Zetlight app will be able to control your light units.

Now that your Zetlight LED light units have been successfully synced wirelessly, we can explore all of the different light control options available on your mobile. On the app’s home screen, you will see ‘LED’ in the top left; click that button to enter the light control interface. 

The images shown above feature the time period switch section. Swipe left or right over this image to switch between dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset and night-time light settings. The time displayed under the time period image reflects the duration of the specific setting. These times are adjustable depending on your personal preferences. In each time setting you can manually adjust the percentage of power of each set of LEDs. You can see in the examples above that during the daylight setting, we have our Zetlights set at 100%, and during the night time setting, we have them turned down to 0%.

The bottom option panel also displays the ‘lightning’ and ‘cloudy’ settings along with the ‘save’ button that will keep all your settings how you wish them to be set. After selecting cloudy or lightning, you will be able to enter the duration time and frequency of the effect and then save.

You will notice in the top right-hand corner of the app the button. If you select this, you will be given a list of options to select – tap ‘Options’. Here you will see Auto-cloudy, Lunar Phase, Acclimation and Moon Light.

  1. Auto cloudy will stimulate the natural light effects of cloudy weather. If you choose to switch on this mode, a cloudy effect will take place during the dawn, sunset, daytime and sunset times – this all influenced by seasonal changes using the app’s integrated calendar algorithm.

  2. The lunar phase will mimic the changes in the moon’s shape and brightness as it moves across the sky. In their natural environments, aquatic creatures form their biological rhythms according to lunar phase changes (i.e. fish and coral breeding). If switched on, the lunar phase will run during the night-time setting on your app.

  3. Just as fish must acclimate to the water parameters in their tank, they must also acclimate to the light settings in their new environment.  It takes a period of time before the inhabitants of a fish tank will get accustomed to a new lighting mode. The function of this option is to provide a 10 day acclimation period for newly introduced livestock. When switched on, the ‘auto cloudy’ and ‘lunar phase’ modes will be switched off and after 10 days will be restored as before the ‘acclimate’ option was turned on.

  4. The moonlight lamp provides soft and comfortable light for aquatic creatures and helps to adjust the inner rhythms of their biological activities.

Click the button to activate the control display and click it again to lock the settings in.

The button found in the bottom right-hand corner will turn on / off the lights.

While this is just a brief overview covering the connection of your A200 and Zetlight lights, there are many more features the Horizon app has to offer. If you also have a compatible wavemaker, protein skimmer or dosing pump, you will be able to connect those devices and control them from your mobile as well. Fishkeepers are also able to take advantage of the other handy features like the aquarium calculator and the fishkeeping encyclopaedia.  

The Zetlight A200 supports the following systems:

  • WiFi, APEX and SmartStar systems

  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi standard

  • AP & STA working modes

  • DV 5V power supply

And is compatible with the following Zetlight series:

  • UFO Aquarium series

  • Shieldo Aquarium series

  • Sparkle Dragon Aquarium series

  • Qmaven Aquarium series

  • Lancia Aquarium series

  • Aqua Aquarium series

  • Iozean Aquarium series

  • TMC Luminaire

If you have any questions about Zetlight lights, the Zetlight A200 or the Horizon app, our team will be able to help you out! We have many Zetlights set up here at AllPondSolutions, and we have loved getting to know the ins and outs of the amazing Horizon app. Contact us via our support centre – we would love to share our knowledge.