Tropical Aquarium Water Treatments

Keeping your tropical aquarium water well balanced and maintained is vital for the health and happiness of your tank livestock. With so many different water treatments and products on the aquatics market, it can be difficult to know which ones are the safest and most important to have. We have put together our recommendations of the best products to use, whether you are setting up a new fish tank, or doing your weekly aquarium water change: 

Bacteria Filter Start

Before adding your tropical fish into the fish tank, use the recommended amount of aquarium bacteria filter start for your tank size. This product works to add helpful bacteria (ammonia and nitrite) to aid in the breakdown of fish waste, uneaten food, and plant debris.

Filter start chemicals, such as All Pond Solutions Aquarium Rescue Bacteria Balls should contain heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria. Rather than heterotrophic alone, which will increase ammonia before it decreases, the addition of autotrophic bacteria will feed on ammonia and nitrite; In the end, the two balance each other out.

Water Dechlorinators

Water dechlorinators, like our own brand dechlorinator, are used to make tap water safe for your fish. Almost all water supplies are treated with chlorine or chloramine. The levels of these chemicals in tap water can actually be harmful to your biological filter. Dechlorinator and water conditioner neutralises the chlorine and chloramine and binds heavy metals. Adding this treatment after filling your aquarium, and after water changes, will reduce the stress levels of your fish and reinforce their protective mucus membrane.

Algae Removing Agent

An unbalanced fish tank will result in the growth of algae. Excessively feeding your fish, too many fish in the tank, excessive lighting, and excessive fertilisation are all factors that will lead to an unbalanced tank.

An agent, like All Pond Solutions Aquarium Rescue Algae Control will safely fight against all types of algae in your aquarium by bringing growth to a stand-still before it disappears. This treatment is harmless to livestock and plants.

Carbon Dioxide Source

Easylife EasyCarbo is an extremely powerful and effective carbon source for aquarium plants while actively combating and preventing the growth of algae. Carbon (in the form of CO2 dissolved in the water) is one of the most important nutrients for optimal plant growth. If there is a lack of carbon, plants are not able to grow as well. If this carbon deficiency lasts for too long, then plants start to leak sugars and other nutrients which attract algae. By using a plant fertiliser, live aquarium plants such as (Cryptocoryne sp., Echinodorus sp.,) grow and look better. Once your fish tank plants are thriving, they take the nutrients away from the algae and in turn, your algae will disappear.

pH Balance

There are many products on the market that are designed to bring aquarium pH to a specific level. This does not always work well, especially if your water is highly alkaline and needs to be lowered.

Keep in mind that fish can be very sensitive to pH changes and if the change is too quick, it can be extremely stressful to the fish and possibly lead to death. Fish should not experience a pH change greater than 0.3 in 1 day. By using a product such as, Waterlife pH Maintenance you are able to make the gradual changes.

Multi-Vitamin Treatments

Multi-vitamin treatments, such as Vitazin, are a blend of vitamins and amino acids, which stimulate good health, disease resistance and convalescence.

Vitazin is also high is B12 which combats anorexia in all fish. Vitazin can be used in conjunction with SeaGreen, to increase the plankton count, the growth of macro-algae in seawater aquaria, and to boost the vitamin content of all seawater and brackish water, tropical freshwater, coldwater and pond foods.

Chemically unbalanced water can cause a lot of stress on your tropical fish. In turn this stress can affect their immune systems and lead to an illness.