Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Fishkeepers

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us have friends and family who are dedicated pond or fish tank owners. Picking the perfect gift for the aquarist in your life can be a challenging task. So if you are stuck for ideas, we are going to give you some help and make your holiday shopping easier.  We have put together a list of some amazing, and affordable, pond and aquarium products to buy online just in time for Christmas.

 Zetlight Smart Aquarium System

Brighten up a fish tank for the holidays with a new Zetlight Lancia LED Lighting System. These powerful aquarium lights are the equivalent of using two T5 luminaires on your fish tank. The beam has an angle of 120 degrees, giving an excellent quality to the emitted light. This system has low power consumption, is more eco-friendly, safer and gives the LED greater durability.

Zetlights are perfect for marine and tropical fish tanks and can be wirelessly programmed and controlled to provide a whole variety of extra features including a lunar phase mode, acclimation mode and 100 levels of brightness. 

Fish Tank Ornaments

Aquarium décor is a great Christmas gift to give any aquatic hobbyist and their fish. Fish tank ornaments are safe and non-toxic for freshwater, tropical and marine set-ups. Transform any aquarium or terrarium with a variety of decorations including bridge ornamentssunken ship ornamentsartificial coral and more!

Nano Fish Tank

Give the gift of fishkeeping to somebody this Christmas. And, what better way to introduce the hobby to someone than by starting them off with their first fish tank. Nano aquariums are a great home for many species of shrimp and small fish that are easy for beginner fishkeepers to care for.


If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas gift for a fishkeeper, a new fish would be the best thing to wake up to on Christmas morning!

Getting a fish for somebody for Christmas will require a bit of background research. Make sure the fish will have a cycled fish tank to be introduced to and that the water levels will be suitable for the type of species you have bought! When adding a new fish into an existing tank, you will also need to ensure that the species is compatible with their fellow tank mates.

 Fish Care Products

 Every aquarium enthusiast will agree that the health of their fish is of utmost importance. So help them out by giving them a selection of food and treatments that will ensure their beloved aqua pets are kept in tip-top shape.

Garden Pond LED Spotlight 3 Colour Cycle

These energy efficient All Pond Solutions outdoor and submersible LED garden / pond lights are perfect for illuminating your garden or pond throughout the year. LED light includes a base that can be weighed down using stones / rocks, a suction pad fitting, ground stake and a wall plate for screwing in to a flat surface.

Pond Filter / 11W UV Steriliser / 2500L/H Pump / Fountain All In One System

 An All-in-One pond filter and pump is the Christmas gift of every pondkeepers dreams! The All Pond Solutions All-in-One CUP-311 System combines everything required to run a healthy algae-free small - medium sized pond. This eliminates the need for any extra external filtrations! Designed as a single smart unit with a single power cable, it allows for a much easier installation compared to a standard pond set up. The CUP-311 includes a built-in 11w UVC Lamp and filtration system, combined with a 2500 litres per hour pump.

Reefsurge Wavemakers

The All Pond Solutions Reef Surge Wavemakers are fantastic additions to any reef aquarium. Provided with a feature-packed controller, you can tailor the settings of your reef surge to meet your marine fish tank needs. If you have two reef surges, these can be programmed to sync wirelessly with each other to create ideal reef conditions in your aquarium, or individually controlled.