The Gift of Fishkeeping

If you are a fishkeeper, what better Christmas gift to give your child than your favourite hobby. When Christmas time comes around, many people become stuck for gift ideas and feel that their children already have everything they could ever want! Rather than adding to their ever-growing collection of socks and video games, why not put a new aquarium under the tree? It could end up being the best gift your family ever received! 

Benefits Of Fishkeeping

One of the greatest benefits of introducing your child to the hobby of fishkeeping is the time spent together as a family, bonding over the shared interest in fish. Even if you have never kept fish before, you and your family can learn all about fish and visit aquatics stores together! Parents are constantly searching for new activities to do as a family. Fishkeeping will create a bonding experience that will last a lifetime. It is also educational. Learning all the ins and outs of the hobby, such as cycling a tank and correct water levels, can really stimulate your child’s mind.  

Taking care of a fish tank also teaches children valuable life lessons. With the responsibility of taking care of a live animal, they will learn to respect and understand what it is like to care for another life. Apart from gaining responsibility, having a pet fish teaches compassion. Feeding the fish and cleaning up the tank will give children a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  A fish tank can also make a very beautiful and calming addition to your household. Did you know that water movement and the swimming movement of fish can have therapeutic effects on people?  

Helping your child establish their first fish tank will be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. If you have any questions about starting a fish tank, or need any advice about children’s fish tanks and the necessary equipment, we are here to guide you. 

Fish Tanks For Kids

Getting your child a small, nano fish tank is the best way to get them started with fishkeeping. Nano aquariums, like those in our FW range, are colourful and have a curved glass front so that your kid can have a great view of their pets.  With a built-in LED light, filter system and 250 L/H pump, helping your child to maintain their tank is simple.

Aquarium Décor

For younger fishkeepers, the decoration inside their aquarium will be very important. Children tend to lose eagerness in hobbies quite quickly. A fun-looking aquarium will help to keep their interest in their fish. Aquarium ornaments are an inexpensive way to easily transform the look of a fish tank whenever you like.  With so many varieties of ornaments available, it will be exciting for you and your child to pick out fun themed pieces together! We have recently expanded our fish tank ornament collection to include some great pieces designed to be perfect for a child’s aquarium. So whether your child wants a princess theme one day and an ‘under the sea’ look the next, you’ll find everything you need.


There are so many different types of colourful fish species that will be perfect for your child’s aquarium. Tetra, betta, shrimp, mollies and guppies are all excellent, easy-care fish that will get along great in a community fish tank. Another beginner tropical fish to keep in mind are platys. There are many different types of this fish available and they are very hardy. Hardiness is important when choosing fish for a beginner fish keeper. Due to inexperience, a child’s fish tank may encounter swings in water levels. A hardier fish will be able to withstand varying temperatures and chemical levels. 

Be wary of a few different factors when choosing the right fish for your fish tank; the adult size of the fish needs to be kept in mind, as well as the types of fish that will be mingling together in their new home. To make things a bit easier for you, we have provided a very handy compatibility chart to use as a reference when looking to buy fish.