The Benefits of Frozen Fish Food

Understanding the different types of aquarium fish food available for cold water, marine and tropical fish is extremely important for their well-being. For many fishkeeping hobbyists, it seems like the easiest and best fish foods to purchase is the pellet or flake food you commonly see in pet stores. But, if you want the best for your aquarium fish, a varied diet including frozen food is ideal.

Why Buy Frozen Fish Food?

Frozen fish food is the best way to deliver your fish the freshest food with the greatest amount of beneficial nutrients.  Freezing fish food maintains significantly more proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in comparison to dry or freeze-dried fish food. This means you are feeding your fish to improve and maintain their health, not just to satisfy their hunger. Most frozen fish foods available on the market mimic what your marine fish or tropical fish would be eating in their natural habitat, making it the best choice out there.

Brine Shrimp and Spinach Frozen Food


What are the Benefits of Frozen Fish Food?

Switching to a diet of frozen fish food will make positive internal and external changes to your aquarium fish. The natural vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates found in frozen foods improve the fish’s immune system and can lead to fewer digestion issues. In turn, you may notice that your fish have more energy. You may also notice that their scales become more vibrant and colourful.

It is also common for people experience issues with their fish being picky-eaters. Try giving them frozen food appropriate for their species; it usually triggers a natural energetic eating response that they would have when feeding in their natural habitat.

One thing that may stop people from using frozen fish food is the prospect of it being messy. To make it a cleaner process, many frozen food packs come in pre-measured cubes. Taking the cubes out of the freezer and directly into a bowl to thaw leaves essentially no mess. It can then be spooned into your fish tank. Or, some people choose to put the frozen cube directly into the tank. Be wary that you do not over-feed your fish. Some pre-measured cubes may contain too much food for the number of inhabitants in your aquarium, so simply cut the frozen cube into smaller pieces to suit your tank. Over-feeding can lead to uneaten food left in your fish tank. Uneaten frozen fish food can foul the water much more than a flake food would.

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