Picked Your Tank - What's Next?

So, you've decided to brighten up your home with some fishy friends, have purchased a stylish and contemporary fish tank; but what do you need to do now?

Here is the AllPondSolutions guide to everything you need for getting your new aquarium up and running!

  1. Decide on the Types of Fish You Want

If you already have your tank, you're in an excellent place to start. The size of your tank and water capacity will help dictate the breeds of tropical fish you should choose, always making sure there won't be too many fish for the size of the fish tank.

You have three main options:

  • Coldwater fish are simple to look after and include species such as goldfish, loaches and orandas.
  • Tropical fish need warm water and heaters for aquarium environments and include species like betta fish, cichlids and discus fish.
  • Marine fish are trickier to look after but can be well worth it! Marine species include corals, clownfish, crustaceans and butterfly fish.
  1. Research Your Fish Species, Habitats and Compatibility

It is vital to know the types of fish you wish to keep, as different tropical fish require different water conditions to thrive. You'll also want to make sure species are compatible if you're looking at creating a community aquarium.

The species of fish you choose is essential for lots of reasons, for example:

  • The size of gravel in aquarium materials you need will depend on the size and species of fish.
  • What power LED lights you need for tropical fish depend on their ideal living conditions.
  • The type of aquarium external filters will depend on the size and type of tank you have, and what filter media is best for your chosen species.
  • Different aquarium fish eat very different diets, so you'll need to know what food to buy.
  1. Checklist of New Aquarium Equipment

The main equipment you need to get your tank started are below - excluding, of course, the fish!

  • LED lights for tropical fish, thermometers and timers.
  • An aquarium filter or air pump to keep the water clean.
  • Aquarium filter media to put inside your aquarium filter.
  • Aquarium water treatments and conditioner to neutralise tap water.
  • Gravel in aquarium sizes suited to your fish species to act as a substrate.
  • Cleaning equipment for maintaining the tank and aquarium external filters.
  • Aquascaping plants for an aquarium to help enhance the fish tank conditions, and improve water quality.
  • Food specific to the types of fish you have selected.
  • A fishnet and ornamental places for your fish to sleep, play and hide.
  1. Setting up Your Aquarium

Once you have all your equipment - and your fish - you're ready to get started. Decide where to keep your tank, and make sure it is stable and cannot be knocked.

  • First, rinse out the tank and the gravel (without using any cleaning chemicals) to make sure it is clean.
  • Add the gravel to the bottom of the tank, and fit the aquarium filter, heaters for aquarium fish and set them in place.
  • Use aquarium water treatments to dechlorinate your tap water, and fill the tank.
  • Rinse out decorations, spread the gravel and turn on the heater, LED lights and filter.
  • After a couple of days, add your aquascaping plants for an aquarium.
  • When the tank is settled, turn the lights off, and float the bag on top of the fish tank for around 30 minutes to help the fish
  • Gradually add water from the tank to the bag, and then gently release your fish.
  • Feed your new fins on day two, and feed small amounts to make sure you don't overdo it!

Now your fish are safely home; you are ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy being the proud keep of your very own cold water, marine or tropical fish.