Love Your Pond This Summer

As the seasons change, so too does the environment of our gardens and the kind of pond treatments you need to keep your fish and pond inhabitants happy and well.

Summer is the best time of the year to spend time in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine in your garden, and take care of your pond before the colder weather creeps in.

AllPondSolutions has put together a guide of all the essentials to prepare your pond for warmer months, and what changes to look out for from your fishy friends!

Summer Pond Cleaning

Pond pumps are a vital part of keeping your water fresh and clean. Now is a great time to install a new pond pump and filter, or replace the filter medium in your pond filters and pumps if it is worn down or showing any signs of wear and tear.

Regularly check your pond pumps, remove any debris, and give them a thorough clean and your fish will be happy throughout the summer months.

Healthy Pond Oxygen Levels

Whatever species live in your pond, they're going to need plenty of Oxygen and well-circulated water to stay healthy. Water features and pond pump and filter combos are a perfect way to sustain acceptable O2 levels.

Running your pond pumps around the clock is ideal; and if you're worried about the noise, you can use an air pump or air stones to keep the sound to a minimum.

Check out our brand new 120/Min Outdoor Pond Air Pump for the ultimate balance between powerful Oxygen quality and minimal noise.

Dropping Pond Water Levels

Along with the warmer days comes faster evaporation, so it's vital to top up the water level regularly; usually once per week. Collecting rainwater is ideal (as well as being environmentally-friendly and free of charge!).

If you need to use tap water, make sure to use pond treatments before adding it, to ensure that any harmful nutrients have been neutralised.

Pond Algae Growth

More sunlight means faster algae growth, so the summer is a great time to add an algae treatment for ponds to prevent it from getting out of control. Or if you already see an algae build-up, a solution such as our Pond Rescue Green Water pond treatments is a great option.

A pond UV steriliser also combats the problem. It can keep algae at bay over the long-term by naturally assisting with the filtration process and preventing build-up of excess growth.

Summer Pond Maintenance Jobs

While you're cleaning your pond pumps and checking on algae levels, you can also:

  • Remove excess weeds
  • Clean out any debris or sludge from pond shelves and floor
  • Net floating weeds
  • Add new fish or pond plants
  • Deadhead any mature plants and remove any old leaves

Cleaning your pond during the summer might take a little elbow grease; but by getting on top of all those maintenance jobs, you're assured of being able to love your pond this summer, and get it prepared well in advance of next winter.