Why a Stainless Steel Pond UV Steriliser is the way to go

Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation used for many purposes across several industries. Hospitals use UV to sterilise equipment, food companies uses UV to sterilise surfaces, and in small doses, UV light can even treat your skin. Due to its effective sterilising and purification qualities on surfaces and in the air and water, it is no wonder aquarium and pondkeepers have taken to using products that emit UV light. Harmful bacteria and algae that build up in pond water are easily managed when faced with exposure to UV light sources. While ultra violet light does not kill algae, it changes the structure of the algae’s DNA. This change causes the algae to clump together into larger particles that are then easily passed through your pond filter.  

There are so many different sizes and styles of pond UV sterilising products on the market but the main components will consist of a germicidal lamp, a quartz sleeve to protect the bulb, a ballast to provide electricity to the lamp and the housing body which keeps it all together. While many pond UV sterilisers on the market have a plastic body, the most effective models will be made with stainless steel. In fact, stainless steel UV sterilisers like the SSUV, are 30% more effective than comparable models using plastic. This is due to the glossy, polished interior allowing for up to 50% more reflection of the UV-C radiation produced by the lamp. The amount of UV light produced by the bulb is revealed in the wattage of the bulb. Bulbs with a higher wattage produce more UV light; and when placed inside stainless steel, the reach of the germicidal fluorescent lamp is larger.

While having a stainless steel UV steriliser contributes to giving you clean healthy pond water, there are a couple of common misunderstandings that people have about these products. Firstly, a UV steriliser will not filter your pond water. Clearwater ≠ clean water! There are many pondkeepers that see a clear pond and think they must have good water quality as well. This is why a UV steriliser is great to have along with a biological filtration system, not instead of. The filter is necessary for breaking down dead organic / inorganic matter and collecting the algae that the UV steriliser clumps together.

Another misconception is that UV light will kill off all the pond’s beneficial bacteria. This is not true at all. Not all of the water in your pond will pass through a UV steriliser in one circulation and there will always be beneficial bacteria inside your filtration system and on the surfaces of everything in your pond. Rather than eliminate all bacteria in your pond, a properly sized UV steriliser for your pond will reduce some bacteria and microscopic organisms that can harm your fish. Tip: If you plan on keeping koi or any other coldwater fish, do not use a UV steriliser when you are first cycling your pond. Having UV in your pond water too early on can kill good bacteria before it attaches to filter media or other surfaces.

Green algae is not just unsightly, but it contributes to lowering water oxygen levels and increasing pH, which is not good for the health of any inhabitant living in your pond. Investing in a quality stainless steel pond UV steriliser is a cost effective and safe way to get rid of harmful bacteria and algae in your pond water.