Seasonal Pond Tips

Every season, with changing temperatures and sunlight, the way we care for our ponds also changes.

From replacing pond filters and pumps, when to add pond treatments, and why a pond UV steriliser is a great idea year-round, here are the AllPondSolutions checklists to keep your pond life happy, whatever the weather!

Spring Pond Care

Spring is a great time to spend checking on your pond pump and filter, and sorting out your algae treatment for ponds. The ice has melted, the air is getting warmer, and your fishy friends are gearing up for a new summer of fun.

  • Spring clean your pond (yep, it's in the name!) - now is the time to check on pond pumps, clear out winter debris and freshen up.
  • If you've moved your pond filters and pumps higher in the water for winter, you can now replace them back down lower in the water.
  • Remove winter netting
  • Check on your pond UV steriliser and filter media to replace any bulbs or media that have worn down.
  • Check on the water quality once the cleaning is finished, top-up water levels if you've reduced them to get a thorough clean, and add any pond treatments

Summer Pond Care

With warmer days and longer sunlight hours, your pond needs extra care in summer. If you have a pond UV steriliser, you're in great shape to avoid overgrowing algae and weeds that seem to sprout up as fast as the mercury rises!

  • Use an algae treatment for ponds to manage blooms or green water.
  • Clean and maintain your pond pump and filter regularly to keep the water well oxygenated.
  • Replace worn filter media, or invest in a pond UV steriliser to prevent a drop in water quality through excess debris build-up.
  • Test your water quality to identify any pond treatments
  • Top up the water as levels evaporate, making sure to use rainwater or treat tap water before adding to your pond.

Autumn Pond Care

In the autumn you want to start preparing your pond for winter - your fish need to be ready for the cold weather, and have sustainable oxygen levels to cope when falling leaves can often blanket a surface.

Cleaning, testing or replacing your pond filters and pumps is an excellent idea for the peace of mind that your fish are ready for the cold and that their water will remain fresh and well circulated.

  • Regularly clear falling leaves from your pond surface, or install a net.
  • Clear out any sludge or accumulated debris to optimise water quality as the weather cools.
  • Use an algae treatment for ponds if the water has become green or growth levels are high, to get it fresh and clear ready for winter.
  • Clean your pond pumps and replace any worn filter media, so they are stocked up.
  • Check your pond UV steriliser is working well, and replace bulbs if necessary to make sure this will keep the water clear.

Winter Pond Care

The biggest priority in the winter is making sure your pond pumps keep working. Fish need oxygen and using a pond pump and filter is essential. Freezing pipes, ice-covered ponds and blocked tubing can all cause havoc.

  • Consider a pond heater or an aerator to prevent ice from blocking your pond pump and filter.
  • Stock up on winter fish foods - wheat germ is a great option given the lower waste levels and slow-release energy properties.
  • Check on your fish regularly and pour warm water on the ice to make sure that oxygen can still reach the water.
  • For shallow ponds, consider bringing your fish inside for the winter.