Purchasing Your Aquarium Chiller Online

As summer gets closer and the air temperature rises in our homes, it’s important to start considering the real possibility that we’ll need some equipment to keep our fish tanks at an appropriate temperature. If you’ve never heard of aquarium chillers, don’t worry – they’re quite a unique piece of pro aquarium keeping kit, so it’s not expected that you’ll be fully aware of them. However, if you consider yourself a real fish enthusiast, you should spend some time getting to know what they are and how they could help your aquarium. In this guide we do just that, as well as explaining where to get one online.

What Are Aquarium Chillers?

In essence, an aquarium chiller is a small, separate unit that sits next to your aquarium. Water from your aquarium is filtered through a small tube to the cooler where it is passed through and cooled to a user-specified temperature before being fed back by a different tube into the aquarium.

The main advantages of aquarium chillers are that they are digitised, so when the user has specified the desired temperature, the unit will work to keep the water at that constant temperature. This ultimately means that you’ll only be using the energy/electricity to keep the cooler working as and when it needs to be. This is what makes a chiller better than a general fan, which is also less reliable.

Buy Yours Online

You can purchase your aquarium chiller on our site, but before you do, you might want to know what would be so bad about a slightly increased temperature in your tank.

The answer is slightly worrying. Tropical fish – those that can cope with the warmest water temperatures – can live in water of around 26-27 degrees Celsius. If the temperature increases past this point, you will find that even the hardiest fish will start to become uncomfortable.

Additionally, the warmer the temperature of the water, the less oxygen there will be in the tank. This means that your fish will struggle to breath, and this could result in fatality.  Therefore, maintaining a constant, mild temperature is essential to the health of your aquatic ecosystem, so purchase your aquarium chiller online from our site today. It’s certainly an investment, but the benefits will be worth the cost.