Building a Pond Without a Pond Liner

Most garden ponds rely on a pond liner to stop the water from leaking and the water level from dropping - so can you build a no-liner pond?

There isn't a quick answer since a liner for ponds is by far the best solution, with warranties of up to 40 years and durable materials designed to withstand the elements.

Let's explain why liners for ponds are optimal and some options to build a pond without one.

Can I Build a Garden Pond Without a Pond Liner?

It depends - if you have compact soil with a good level of clay content, you might be able to. More porous soils aren't suitable since the water will quickly seep into the earth underneath.

Without a full liner pond, you'll also need to think about the foundations and create a spillway to prevent losing your water quickly.

Ponds built in this way shouldn't be any deeper than ten feet maximum, since any deeper and you'll find that the overhead pressure will be too much for the base to remain stable.

What Are the Benefits of Using Liners for Ponds?

A liner pond is the better option - they don't only prevent water leaks but control the level of sediment at the bottom of your pond.

Pond Liners designed specifically for outdoor use are easy to clean with a pond vacuum and provide a level base for your substrate.

You can maintain natural garden ponds, but the ongoing problem is managing the water condition, with fluctuations in debris arising from the soil base.

Which Liners For Ponds Should I Buy?

AllPondSolutions has a range of liner for ponds, depending on the size and construction of your water feature:

  • LDPE Pond Liners are low-density and highly affordable, with a 25-year warranty.
  • Thicker PVC Pond Liners are more heavyweight and come with a 40-year warranty included.

Pond liner is straightforward to sustain, with pond repair kits available to patch up any small holes or tears that appear - and keep your water at a healthy level.