Pond Safety For Dogs

When you hear ‘Pond Safety’ the first thought that comes to mind is children, however pets can sometimes be just as inquisitive as children when it comes to ponds. Make your pond safe for both your fish and dogs by following our simple tips.

Pond fences

One of the biggest dangers when it comes to ponds is falling in; this is a common worry for those with kids but should also be a cause for concern for those with puppies and dogs. A very common solution to this would be to create a fence around the pond; this will stop small dogs being able to get close. If you have a large dog that could easily jump a fence, consider training your dog against this behaviour with training essentials such as dog clickers, training whistles and dog treats.

Consider a raised pond

If you are in the planning stages of your pond it may be an idea to think about installing a raised pond instead of one within the ground. The higher walls make it harder for smaller animals to climb and perch on the edge, lowering the risk of accidentally falling in and making it a safer environment for your fish.

Sloped Edges

In the event that your pet does fall in to your garden pond, it’s important for them to have a good escape route in the form of sloped edges. This will provide a fast escape meaning the animal will hopefully become less stressed causing less damage to the pond liner and hopefully minimise and stress to the fish and wildlife within.

Cover your pond

Both dogs and cats are sometimes very interested by the fish within your pond due to their bright colours and movements. To help protect them you should think about purchasing a pond cover net. Not only will in keep cats and dogs away from your fish, but it will also keep herons and leaves out of your pond, which is a double win!

Introduce your dog

If your dog has never been around a pond before it may be a good idea to introduce your animal to it. Using your preferred method of a dog harness or dog collar, take your dog for a calm walk around your garden, stopping by your pond. It’s important for you not to point it out or make a big deal out of the pond, allow your dog to find the pond on their own. In the event that your dog becomes too excited or attempts to go in the pond, you will be able to stop them using a retractable dog lead attached to them. Repeat this method until the animal has become more comfortable with their environment.

Distract your dog

If you have a larger garden, make use of it by using dog toys to distract your dog. Keeping your animals attention on playing will stop them from sniffing around areas that they shouldn’t. Just make sure you play with them away from the pond area and NEVER throw any toys into the pond itself.

Be watchful

When it comes to keeping anyone safe around ponds, be it animals or children, there’s no better safety tip than watching and being aware of what’s  going on. When you know your dog is out in the garden, make sure to regularly check on them. This is where having a pond that is close and visible from the house becomes important.

If you need any further advice on pets or information about why pets do things check out our Pet Keeping Advice articles on the All Pet Solutions website.