Pond Essentials You Need Before Spring Arrives

A change in the season can trigger changes in your pond so it is a great chance to give your pond a deep clean so you can start fresh before the warmer months kick in. Here is a list of essentials you should invest in before Spring gets into full swing so you are prepared to tend to your pond. 

A Thermometer

When the water temperature is at a constant 10 degrees Celsius, you can start feeding fish though make sure that you wait to make sure that the temperature won’t dip again. Don’t go crazy with the fish food, and check that the fish are eating it. When the temperature reaches 15 degrees, and your fish seem active, you can engage in regular feeding. Keep a thermometer at hand or by the side of your pond so you have an idea as to how warm or cold your fish are.

As it gets warmer you can move any plants back into your pond.

Pond Net Pond Vacuum

You will need a sturdy net to remove debris from the bottom of your pond, but a pond vacuum does essentially the same thing but makes it easier. This gets rid of excess waste, leaves and other plant material that has built up over the winter. This will give you a head start for the spring. 

Filter Media

Spring is a good time to replace this if necessary, but only if your filter media is falling apart of damages due to having to work hard throughout the winter. As your fish will have been rather inactive, the ammonia levels in your pond shouldn’t be too high, making it a good time to replace your media and start fresh.

Sludge Cleaner

Sludge that accumulates over winter not only looks awful but uses up oxygen levels and becomes a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, you should invest in a sludge cleaner so that you can give your pond a deep clean before the weather gets warmer. These products increase the rate of natural decomposition, making pond clean up easier.