New Water Features for Your Garden

AllPondSolutions is pleased to introduce a fantastic range of new products to brighten your summer gardening projects, with water features and garden fountains in various materials, sizes and finishes.

Today we'll answer some of the frequently asked questions about installing new water features for your garden with quick links to some of our recommended fountains!

Are Water Features a Good Idea for Family Gardens?

If you pick modern garden water features, you'll find they come with excellent safety precautions to ensure you enjoy the gentle trickle of water without posing a hazard!

Solar-powered water features are optimal since they do not require cables or electricity and are ideal for busy family gardens with children, wildlife and pets.

Please visit our full range of Water Features if you'd like outdoor decor inspiration.

Do Solar-Powered Water Features Work in the UK?

Rest assured if you're concerned that your solar-powered water feature won't operate correctly in the British sunshine.

Our stunning contemporary Vase Globe Water Feature needs just two hours to recharge fully and can continue to work flawlessly in partially sunny conditions.

What is the Best Solar-Powered Water Feature?

Another bestseller is the gorgeous Waterfall with LED Lights as a focal point for entertaining and a combined stone water feature with a soothing waterfall motion and relaxing lighting.

This natural stone garden fountain runs independently and can be installed immediately without a mains water attachment.

What Are the Benefits of a Stone Water Feature?

Modern garden water features in a classic stone combine elegance and functionality. 

Stone blends in perfectly with any decking, patio, planting or flowers and provides understated simplicity and a sense of timeless grace.

For more information about any of our modern garden water features or advice on selecting the right product for your garden, please contact the AllPondSolutions team at your convenience.