AllPondSolutions Brand New Water Features!

Summer is here, and the AllPondSolutions team is delighted to introduce our innovative NEW range of beautiful water garden features and elegant fountains for gardens.

Each garden accessory will lift your outdoors and provide a backdrop for warmer days and longer nights.

We have carefully selected a broad range of the best water feature designs, from stunning Solar Water Features with intelligent technology to graceful rock and stone water features, bubbling fountains, and Zen relaxation sculptures.

Benefits of Natural Looking Water Features

Selecting rock water features is a simple garden upgrade, ideal for social occasions and outdoor dining. Natural materials blend seamlessly with plants and landscaping while attracting a wealth of beautiful wildlife to your garden.

Our top-selling Stone Water Features are classic, timeless, and suit homes of every period and style.

Darker shades fit perfectly in quiet corners of your garden, or a soothing pale stone enhances the feel of light and can bring a fresh dimension to shady seating areas.

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Water Features?

If you're overwhelmed by the incredible choice of water garden features at AllPondSolutions, there are some simple questions to narrow down your selection.

  • Power solutions: would you prefer a solar garden water feature without any electricity requirements?
  • Water storage: will your self-contained water features collect rainwater, or do you want modern garden water features you can top-up in warmer weather?
  • Design: would a classic stone water feature look perfect in your garden, or are you imagining something contemporary such as cascading water features or a modern water feature sculpture?

The best way to select your perfect water garden feature is to look at the space available, decide on the style to suit your outdoor spaces, and then consider the practicalities around power and water supply.

For more inspiration, please visit the extensive Outdoor Water Features catalogue at AllPondSolutions, and look forward to wonderful summer entertaining in your relaxing garden space!