AllPondSolutions New Product - Ultra Clear Glass Nano LED Light Fish Tank

Introducing the newest and most advanced tank for fish from AllPondSolutions!

Ultra Clear Glass Nano LED Light Fish Tank

Tropical fish bring beauty, elegance and relaxation to your home. Our ultra-clear Nano range harnesses the most progressive aquarium technology, with 5mm (12L) or 8mm (70L) low-iron glass to ensure that you get the perfect view of the tranquillity of your aquarium.

The Ultra Clear Class Nano LED Fish Tank has a 12 litre capacity and comes complete with an internal aquarium filter, and eco-friendly LED lighting system for seamless installation. The sleek aquarium is available in black and white, and features a brilliant white glass, allowing the true beauty of your fish to shine.


With added extras such as filter media, an easy-clean detachable filter system, bacteria resistant ceramic rings and powerful colour changing LED lighting, our brand new Nano LED Fish Tank is a comprehensive solution and ideal for smaller tropical species or planted fish tanks.

As the ultimate contemporary tank for fish, our Nano range has also just launched in a high capacity 70-litre version, built-in with a modern and elegant cabinet in both white and black colourways.

The Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet Kit includes everything you need for a vibrant tropical fish tank. The matching white pump and 5-tier filter system are subtly installed behind the tank, and the lid features condensation busting air filters and a fitted digital thermometer.


We have designed our new aquarium cabinet with multiple features for streamlined fish tank management, whilst bringing cutting-edge style to any room. Each cabinet comes complete with plug access for discreet power cables, and a subtle magnetic closure to keep your aquarium food and accessories safely stored.

LED lights are ideal for fish tanks, being low-power usage, and yet emitting powerful lighting to keep your aquarium ecosystem healthy.

Every product in the Nano range includes smart LED lighting fitted into the fish tank lid, and is an ideal solution for small topical fins and makes for an exceptional contemporary home feature.