AllPondSolutions - New Product - EF250

As we head into a bright new summer, the AllPondSolutions team has been hard at work behind the scenes expanding our range of external filters for aquarium habitats - in a brand new, larger version due to popular demand!

The EF250 Aquarium External Filter is the ultimate aquarium filter, with a capacity of up to 250 litres and robust 800L/h flow rates to ensure your aquarium water remains in tip-top shape!

Big brother to our best-selling EF150 model, both versions are flexible, suited to either freshwater or marine tanks with aquarium external filters - and seamless functionality that makes them easy to position, clean and maintain.

How to Choose an External Aquarium Filter?

Having excellent filters for aquariums is crucial to fish health, water clarity, and ensuring your tank is free from waste products.

After all, the better the performance of your aquariums filters, the happier your fish, and the simpler your cleaning processes will be!

Our advice would be to ensure that any aquarium with filter compatibility has the proper capacity to manage the volume of water in your tank, and therefore provide sufficient filtration for the number of fish.

The AllPondSolutions range of filter aquarium models is designed to provide high-quality filtration, with three grades of filter foam, including a filter floss pad and bio balls to deliver complete biological and mechanical filtration.

Our EF250 is built to be positioned as an external aquarium filter outside the tank, drawing in water through the inlet tube, replacing it with crystal clear water through the outlet - all included with the product.

Drip-free shut-off taps and a handy spray bar add to the advanced functionality, ensuring mess-free filter removal and enhanced oxygen saturation throughout your tank.

For help selecting the right aquarium external filters for your aquarium, please get in touch with the AllPondSolutions team for expert guidance!