New Arrivals at AllPondSolutions - 120/Min Outdoor Pond Air Pump - 90w

In our quest to develop the quietest, most efficient air pumps for ponds, AllPondSolutions are pleased to announce the launch of our BRAND NEW 120/Min Outdoor Pond Air Pump!

What We Wanted From The Newest Design?

We wanted to develop an air pond pump that cut out that annoying drone of background noise that even tiny air pumps for ponds seem to generate—introducing our whisper-quiet 120/Min Outdoor Pond Air Pump, harnessing the best multilevel muffler and damping system to cut out the noise, and maximise on performance.

Our newest design uses the most innovative materials and structure to create a powerful performance with only 90-Watt power usage. This product delivers an extraordinarily quiet air pond pump that works efficiently and almost silently, while keeping your garden pond healthy and thriving.

How The New Design Benefits You?

The case is made from a robust and strong, yet lightweight, aluminium alloy. This means that you will find your new air pond pump easy to move and handle, simple to store and carry - yet with the functional benefit of being extremely efficient in heating up quickly.

Air quality is paramount in the vitality of your fish, and you need pond air pumps you can rely on. These ensure that the water moves and is well oxygenated throughout, and that your fish can breathe easy at all times of day or night.

Our advanced air pressing system delivers just that - perfect reliability and complete circulation to ensure that healthy air reaches every corner of your fishpond.

Choosing The Right Air Pump

Choosing the right air pumps for ponds can be confusing; do you need a submersible or a surface air pond pump, what capacity pump is right for your size of pond, and is there a specific size or function that is best suited to the number and breed of your finned friends?

If you are ever stuck with choosing pond air pumps and need some expert advice, contact AllPondSolutions for fast and friendly service to point you in the right direction.