New Aquarium Products at AllPondSolutions

This month we have several new aquarium accessories and products for you to get your hands, or fins on! Our new products include two brand new aquarium pump and aquarium filter ranges in a variety of sizes as well as a new ultra-clear fish tank.

30cm Ultra Clear Glass Fish Tank – 25L                      

We have expanded our range of fish tanks with our newest model, the 30cm Ultra Clear Glass Fish Tank! The smart cube design holds 25 litres making it the perfect small fish tank.

The Ultra Clear glass fish tank is made with 8mm low-iron glass for the clearest view of your aquarium fish and plants. Our brilliant white glass provides a practically colourless appearance with minimal green tint, ensuring the most natural and vibrant views of your underwater habitat.

The rimless and braceless design provides a modern and minimalist feel whilst ensuring unobstructed views of all aquarium features such as livestock, rocks, plants and lighting.

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IF Aquarium Internal Filters

Our new range of submersible IF Internal Filters comes with two types of filter foams, including a large circular sponge. The circular sponge provides a larger surface area enabling it to trap even more bacteria than before, while the filter’s clear plastic body helps to determine when it requires cleaning or maintenance.

Conveniently located on the front of the filter is a venturi flow adjuster, allowing you to lower or raise the flow rate within the fish tank.

Available in four different sizes, 500L/H, 1000L/H, 1500L/H and 2500L/H and suitable for tanks up to 380 litres, these aquarium filters are perfect for both tropical and marine aquariums.

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Watch our set up guide for our brand new Aquarium Internal Filters. For more helpful product videos check out our YouTube channel, AllPondSolutions

ACP Aquarium Pumps

Our final new product is our brand new All Pond Solutions ACP Aquarium Pump range. Perfect for aquariums and water features, our pumps are designed for submersible use in both tropical and saltwater aquariums.

Conveniently located at the front of the pump is a flow rate adjuster dial, allowing you to control the flow rate with in the fish tank.

Available in five different sizes, 500L/H, 1000L/H, 1500L/H, 2500L/H and 3500L/H, our aquarium pumps all feature an extremely handy flow rate adjuster dial conveniently located at the front of the pump, allowing you to control the flow rate within the tank easily.

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