Koi Friendly Feeding Tips

Koi can be a funny species; often turning down pellets, and creating a fair bit of mess in the process!

However, mastering your fishes food can be a wonderful way to enjoy the happy nibbles of a contented Koi.

In this guide, AllPondSolutions explains some of our top tips for feeding your pond fish food to Koi, ensuring they grow healthily.

Feeding Koi Foods for Fish in Different Seasons

The first thing to mention is that Koi behave differently, depending on the weather. When it's cold, they'll want to eat fishes food much less.

Trying to overfeed fish food during winter can cause serious harm, so is best avoided.

In warmer weather, Koi love to eat easily digestible foods for fish, including wheat germ that doesn't give them any stomach issues.

The Five Minute Koi Fishes Food Rule

Our next tip is to observe the five minute rule - if you're feeding more Koi Fish Food than they can eat in five minutes, it's too much.

You can scoop out any excess, and reduce the amount of foods for fish you offer next time.

Choosing the Right Pond Fish Food for Koi

Finally, it's wise to ensure any Pond Fish Food you choose is suited to Koi. They love fish-derived oils and vegetable oils, and thrive on variety.

Treats for Koi can be fed in a Pond Fish Feeder, including tasty snacks such as shrimp, fruit, algae, worms and vegetables.

Orange slices, fed sparingly and always as an occasional treat can provide extra Vitamin C.

Koi aren't always the easiest fish to feed, with changing appetites in the seasons, but if you get their fishes food right, and remember to mix up their snacks now and then, you'll ensure your Koi grow well, with all the beauty and elegance they bring to your garden.