An Insight Into Our PFC Range

A question that we are regularly asked by our customers, both novice and experienced pond keepers, is ‘what can I do to help keep my pond clean?’ No matter what the size of your pond, or how often it is tended to, it is inevitable that it will collect leaves, particles and general debris on a daily basis. Not only is this murky water very unsightly, it can significantly increase the risk of disease and lower the general wellbeing of your fish.

Keeping your pond water clean and clear is vital to ensuring a happy and healthy pond environment and we would always recommend that customers looking to buy pond filters invest in them wisely.

Our pressurised pond filters are a popular choice with customers, as not only can their filter large quantities of water, but they are much more discreet than a standard box filter - as the water outlet can be located higher than the actual filter body, this makes it easier to disguise around the pond and even bury under the surface - particularly useful if you are incorporating a waterfall!

Fitted with clarifying UV bulbs, a pressurised filter will help ensure optimum water quality by eliminating harmful micro-organisms and parasites; removing the dirty water from your pond and returning it clean and safe for your fish.

Thinking that this could be the right solution for your pond? All Pond Solutions now sell a wide variety of high quality pressurised pond filter systems, including our new PFC range.

What is the PFC Range?

Our new PFC pond filters are supplied with a fantastic new rotating cleaning handle on the head, making maintenance even easier. The unit informs you when it is in need of a detailed clean - a small float pops-out of the head of the unit when cleaning is required.

By simply turning the handle you can rinse clean the interior sponge, reducing the need to disassemble and once rinsed, a separate outlet can be opened to discharge any dirty water until it runs clean and your basic maintenance is complete.

Each unit is supplied with a built-in UV Light, which effectively prevents the growth of algae and eliminates harmful micro-organisms and parasites which may cause fish diseases.

Our PFC models are available to purchase in two options; filter only or a full kit which includes a pump, hoses and hose clips. 

Pressurised Pond Filter kits include:

1x AquaECO pond pump

Cable Length: 10m

Flexible hose 32mm x 10m + 32mm double wire clips x 3 

FREE 24 Months Warranty

*Not all kits include flexible hoses or clips, please do check the product description to confirm. 

Our PFC's are a huge customer favourite and allow you to keep your pond healthy without the hassle of emptying a box filter or getting your hands too dirty. In fact, our PFC's have been so popular they were positively reviewed in the August 2018 edition of the Practical Fish Keeping Magazine! 

Practical Fish Keeping Magazine PFC ReviewReview of the PFC in Practical Fish Keeping Magazine