How Often Should You Clean Your Pond?


One of the most common questions asked is how often they should clean their koi ponds. Although there’s really no set rule as to when or how to undergo cleaning, there are some basics that can help you to avoid the “pea soup” effect that is common in the spring and summer months when the direct sunlight brings out the green algae. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best bits of advice on offer for cleaning your water: 

There's No Need To Empty It

The best piece of advice that we can give you is that whatever your views about how often you should clean out and maintain your pond, you’ll never need to fully empty it. Doing so would be a massive effort, and with the right maintenance, you can have clean and clear water all year round.

Top Up Your Pond 

Just as with an aquarium, you should replace a small portion of the water once a week to prevent it from going stale. Keeping on top of this means that you can remove some of the debris that collects in the pond from rainwater and the wind. Similarly, pouring water into the pond will ensure it remains highly oxygenated, which is essential to a healthy habitat. While you’re completing the weekly top up, you might also want to take the opportunity to use a fine net and clean out any larger debris that might be settled on the bottom.

Do Not Disturb

It is probably essential to remember that while you’re clearing any debris from the bottom of your pond, that you try not to stir the water up too much, as it can cause your fish to panic, and it can also deoxygenate the water, which has significant ramifications for the ecosystem within.

The Annual Spring Clean

Some people think that you should clean your pond before the winter arrives, but it’s more sensible to actually clean it more thoroughly in spring. This is because you’ll be able to remove the debris and dirt that fell in over winter meaning your pond can look its best through the warmer months.