Your Guide to Aquarium Lighting

There are thousands of different lights for aquariums, which can be a little confusing if you're unsure what colour, temperature and rating you need for your aquarium light!

The AllPondSolutions team has compiled this quick-fire guide to run through the main points to consider when selecting lighting for aquariums.

Factors in Choosing an Aquarium Light

Before you start shopping, make sure you know:

  • Whether you're setting up a marine or freshwater tank.
  • If you're planning to keep fish or other plant life and corals too.
  • The size of your aquarium and the depth of the water.

Once you have those details, you'll find it much easier to browse through lights for aquariums and narrow down your choices.

LED Lighting for Aquariums

Aquarium LED Lighting is popular, with consistent colour spectrums that don't shift as the bulbs wear down. You can opt for slimline LED strip lights, which take up minimal space.

Another option is to use small clip-on Nano tank LED aquarium lights, which are compact and fit any aquarium size.

AllPondSolutions offers a substantial range of specific Small LED Fish Tank Lighting, so there's an option for every size of fish tank!

While LED lights for aquariums are often slightly costlier, they can last for up to ten years, so they are long-lasting and durable lighting solutions.

Fluorescent Lights for Aquariums

Aquarium fluorescent lights come in tubes. T8 models are a slightly older style and have a larger diameter. Aquarium T5 Lighting models are narrower and more slimline.

Note that this type of lighting for aquariums emits heat, so you might need a chiller to control the water temperature.

Bulbs need replacing after around six to twelve months, as while they'll still give off light, the spectrum starts to decline.

Choosing the Right Lights for Your Aquarium

We've covered the two most popular types of aquarium lighting here, but there are many other models to choose from.

The key to great lighting is to ensure your lights are suited to the size and type of tank you have, ensuring that you opt for either Marine Lighting or Freshwater Lighting as needed with the correct Kelvin to keep your fish happy and healthy.

Please visit our ranges online for more information about the specification of each set of AllPondSolutions lighting, or get in touch with our aquatic experts for advice!