Green Pond Water Vs Clear Pond Water

Green water, It is unattractive and, in extreme cases can make you water look like pea soup so thick that you can’t see your fish.  But what is it? Essentially it is suspended filamentous algae, whilst it does not do any major (In severe cases it can cause Oxygen deprivation at night) harm to aquatic wildlife it can detract from the beauty of a well-established garden pond.

Remedies for treating Green Pond Water

The primary source of action with green water is UV Sterilisation.  Contrary to popular belief the UV doesn’t exactly kill the algae.  Instead, it breaks down the cell walls of the algae blooms and aids the filter by causing it to clump and be caught in your filter media.  Because of the way ultra-violet lighting works, it is essential that it is the first step of the filtration chain (after the pump, before the filter).  To put it at the end would result in non-essential sediment build up as the clumped algae falls to the bottom of the pond, if left unchecked this can create gas pockets in within large sludge deposits.

It is important to note with this form of algae control there is a small additional cost every 6-8 months (spring /summer) to replace the UV bulb as it will only last 1 season.  When changing your UV make sure never always have the power turned off, and never look directly at the bulb when lit as it can damage your eyes.  Always use the viewport provided on the product itself when the unit has been completely sealed.

Don’t want to use a pond UV or have no electrical supply? Your other option for green water is a clumping formula.  These are a topical treatment; as such they require constant addition throughout the season to keep on top of your green water.  It is advisable at the end of each year to use a sludge reducing treatment to help breakdown any clumped algae that has fallen to the bottom of the pond.

Finally, perhaps you are building your pond, or thinking about building it this year and you want to consider the best position for it within your garden.  The best answer is almost always partial shade, how that is provided is up to you.  Get creative! Use decking or paving slabs to create a walkway over the top of your pond maybe? But why is partial shade better? It is simple! By reducing the amount of water exposed to the sun at any one time you are reducing the exposure that suspended algae particles have to photosynthesise and gain energy to multiply.

Combine partial shade with a suitable UV and wave good bye to green water before it even gets started!