Introducing the New AllPondSolutions Fish Food & Water Treatments!

The AllPondSolutions aquatic team is delighted to be ringing in a new spring season and introduce you to some of our brand new foods for fish that will put a bounce back in their fins!

We continually search for new recipes, formulas and textures to make fishes food that delivers the ultimate quality, nutrition and convenience.

  • The all-natural Goldfish Pellet Food provides sinking pellets packed with easily digestible, balanced feed, including minerals, natural pigments, and healthy algae.
  • Our tropical fish food range also has a new addition, with the Tropical Flake Fish Food available in two sizes, ideal for freshwater species such as Barbs, Tetras and Angelfish. With a rich combination of high-quality protein, pigments and lipids, it's also filter-efficient to ensure your water remains sparkling!
  • For bottom-feeding Plecos, the Pleco Pellets Fish Food has been blended specifically for Loricariidae species, with the optimal mixture of vitamins and minerals to reduce waste and keep your Whiptails and Garra feeling their best.

Spring Cleaning Solutions for Ponds and Water Features

As we all start to thaw out from an icy cold winter, it's a great time to think about your pond water, outdoor fish, and water features that would benefit from a little TLC!

Our PondRescue Filter Start Gel comes in two sizes, treating ponds up to 25,000 litres. This advanced gel is a perfect way to introduce healthy bacteria, balancing ammonia and nitrite levels to get your pond back in tip-top shape.

Apply to any filter media for a fast way to mature new pond filters and give your pond fish and plants an excellent water treatment.

Included in our other new pond treatments ranges, the AllPondSolutions Water Feature Cleaner is a powerful ally in your battle against stubborn dirt and algae!

It is designed for water features that aren't home to any finned friends and transforms murky outdoor water crystal clear in just a few minutes.