Give Your Fish Tank A Halloween Makeover

Halloween is around the corner, meaning it’s time to get spooky! If you celebrate Halloween you’ve probably got your pumpkins ready and started thinking about how to decorate your home. But have you ever thought of going one step further and giving your tank a spooky makeover for the season?

As you may have noticed there aren’t a lot of Halloween themed fish tank ornaments around, which means you may have to get a bit creative. Below we’ve come up with some products and ideas that will give your fish tank an instant fun and spooky feel.

Spooky Substrate

Let’s start from the bottom! Is your substrate in need of a clean or maybe you just wanting a change? Now is the perfect time to change it up!

Aquarium substrate makes a great impact on the overall look of a tank, adding darker substrate such as black aquarium sand or black aquarium gravel will give an instant Halloween look. If black’s not your thing then you could also go for other Halloween colours such as orange or red aquarium gravel.

Whatever substrate you do pick, please keep in mind if it is suitable for your fish.

Eerie Ornaments

Start adding some Halloween themed aquarium ornaments to your spooky fish tank. As previously mentioned there are not a lot of specific Halloween aquarium ornaments, which is where you will need to be creative with your design. Including ornaments such as skulls, tombstones, haunted castles or pirate ships will look great for a Halloween theme.
Just make sure that whatever you put into your tank is safe for aquarium use. The last thing you want to do is cause any harm to you fish, so always check before you put it in you tank.

Wicked Wood

Adding dark pieces of wood can create the perfect eerie haunted forest feel to your tank whilst keeping the look of the tank more natural. You can use real wood pieces such as Spider Wood Roots, or wood effect ornaments such as a Haunted Tree Fish Tank Ornament. Plus they’re great natural hiding places for your tank inhabitants!
What and how much you put in your fish tank will depend largely on the size of your tank. For small aquariums you may only be able to add a few Halloween themed ornaments, where as in a larger aquarium you will have the capacity to add even more.

Creepy Plants

Want to add a bit of colour to your Halloween tank? Artificial plants will do just that. Pick plants in shades of orange, red and black for an autumnal feel. Placed against features such as darker substrate, twisted wood or even a darker aquarium background will really make them pop in your fish tank. Plus as they’re artificial plants it will be easy to place in the tank and if you don’t like the position you can easily remove them.

Pumpkin treats

Carving pumpkins this year? Save some of those for your fish! Fish such as Plecos love a tasty vegetable treat, so why not add some of your left over chunks to your fish tanks. If you do though, make sure you follow the bellow tips.

  • Only feed your Plecos raw pumpkin, do not cook or add spices to the pumpkin
  • Remove the skin of the pumpkin
  • Do not feed them the seeds
  • Cut the pumpkin into small manageable pieces
  • If the fish do not seem interested after 24 hours, then remove the pumpkin from the tank before it starts to break down.
  • Always do your research and check if pumpkin is suitable for the specific fish in your tank

However you decide to decorate your fish tank, have fun with it. Just make sure that whatever you do/add causes no harm or stress to your tank inhabitants.

Looking for some inspiration? why not have a look at MDFishTanks "WELCOME to HELL!" || APOCALYPSE Fish Tank (NO CO2 NO FERTS) video.

Happy decorating!