Catering for Your Fish While on Holiday

Heading off for a well-deserved break and worried about your fish?

Not to worry - the AllPondSolutions team has created this quick guide to holiday fish food feeding, so you're prepared for a relaxing time.

How Can I Organise Holiday Fish Food While I Am Away?

First, let's remind ourselves that overfeeding fish is far more dangerous than underfeeding! A lot depends on whether you need to leave pond fish food for outdoor water features or have an indoor tropical aquarium.

Still, there are several options:

  • Leave holiday fish food in an Automatic Feeder
  • Ask someone to pop by and feed your fish manually

If the latter, we'd recommend ensuring they know exactly how much to feed, how to check the filter and use any other equipment - you can also put the dose of food into separate packets, so it's measured out and ready to go.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare My Aquarium Before a Holiday?

While you might plan to change your aquarium water right before you leave, it's better to give your tank a good clean around a week before your holiday.

That gives the water plenty of time to settle, and allows you to ensure the Aquarium Filter is working smoothly, and use a test kit to check the water condition is perfect.

Investing in Aquarium Lighting with a timer is another easy solution, and you can set it up a little while before your trip, so your fish and plants are used to the regular cycle.

Can I Automatically Dispense Food For Dish When I'm Not Home?

Dispensers are available to measure out food for fish in either a pond or aquarium environment!

AllPondSolutions offers both automatic aquarium feeders and Pond Fish Feeders, so you can rest assured your fish are well cared for while you relax.

If you haven't used an automatic feeder before, it's advisable to use them for a few days ahead of your break, so you can monitor the amount dispensed and fine-tune the settings as required!

Give the AllPondSolutions team a call if you need any support with choosing the most suitable holiday fish food feeder for your fish.