Do I Need to Use an Aquarium Cooling Fan?

Whether you’re a professional fish keeper or a novice starting out in the big world of aquatics, one of the most important aspects of the hobby is ensuring you monitor the temperature of your tank’s water. Not doing so can have negative consequences for the ecosystem inside your aquarium, so it’s best to keep on top of it. When you’re thinking about protecting your aquarium from overheating, one of the things you should be aware of is the existence of aquarium cooling fans.

Fan Cooling for Your Aquarium

The shifting weather of the great British seasons presents a massive challenge for those looking to keep marine fish: changing temperatures. Across the extensive literature on aquariums, the consensus appears to be that 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum water temperature for your tank. This means that as the year gets further and further towards summer, it will be important to use artificial cooling methods to ensure that the tank remains temperate – fan cooling is one such method.

One of the best things about fan coolers is that they can be automated so that they’re only on as and when they are needed. This is important if you have aquarium lights that heat up your tank at different points of the day that are fixed to a timer, or if your aquarium receives direct sunlight as the sun shifts through the sky.

Cooling Methods and Automation

You might think that a basic fan cooler that you switch on and off when necessary is the best solution for your marine aquarium, but actually, this can be an ineffective method of controlling your tank’s temperature. For one thing, factors such as the ones above – powerful lighting and sunlight – can make manually changing the power setting on your fan and having to monitor your water temperature with a thermometer a pain. Additionally, though, it is extremely inefficient and could cost you a lot of power and money.

A better option would be to purchase a fan cooler that is automated to turn on and off when it detects that the water needs to be cooled. This means that your cooler is only cooling when necessary, and also that it doesn’t drain too much of your electricity.

Ultimately, purchasing a fan cooler from our site means you’ll be able to better monitor and maintain the temperature of your marine aquarium, so it’s definitely worth it.