How Deep Should a Pond Be?

Setting up a new pond water feature, whether to enhance the appeal of your garden or as a habitat for beautiful fish, comes with a vast range of decisions.

Whether you're selecting the best pond UV sterilisers to keep your fish healthy or looking into the quietest pond pumps, it isn't always easy to decide on the right style, design and pond filters.

Here the AllPondSolutions team explains some of the key factors in choosing how deep to make your garden pond and which accessories are suited to differently sized water features.

Pond Depths and Pond Filters for Outdoor Fish

Most pond fish living in the UK need the water to be at least 45 cm deep. That means they can hibernate at the bottom, at around 4 °C during the winter, far away from the icy surface.

The best pond size is at least 60 cm deep, and given that you'll usually not fill the water to the very edge, you should aim for around 75 cm depth to give sufficient capacity.

We'd recommend measuring your pond before ordering Pond Filters. Smaller ponds, for example, require Small Garden Filters to keep the water clear and healthy.

Note that some species, such as Japanese Koi, require at least four feet of depth. The best pond filters for this size of water are Koi Filter Systems.

Pond UV sterilisers are also crucial, and the suitable models will also depend on the volume of water you need to protect from algae and pathogens. Please visit our Pond UV Sterilisers catalogue to review the range of sizes and capacities on offer.

The Ideal Size for a Natural Wildlife Pond

If you'd like a wildlife pond, you can opt for a much smaller area, with a maximum depth up to 12 inches ideal for smaller species to be able to climb in and out of.

Shallow wildlife ponds are a fantastic way to sustain native species and act as a drinking and bathing source for various creatures.

Choosing Pond Pumps and Pond Sizes for Plants

Pond plants vary enormously, with some species such as water lilies thriving in deepwater of three feet or more. Marginal plants are best planted between 6-12 inches beneath the water.

Remember that Pond Pumps remain a great idea and can boost your water quality with the aid of oxygenating pond plants to create a clear, attractive water feature all year round.